CXperience concept from Citroen looks incredible on Paris Motor show!


We have grown accustom that Citroen is one of those brands that make big and incredibly comfort saloon vehicles but lately it seems that they have concentrated on a smaller range of cars. This was confirmed for Top Gear by Citroen’s head of product planning Xavier Peugeot stating “We have done a lot of small new cars and concepts lately. People might think Citroen is focusing only on small cars or is the downmarket brand of the group. But we still have ambition to be at the upper end of the market too. It’s the Citroen way.”

These are the statements that we need to ensure us that they haven’t strayed from the path of big luxury cruisers, well those statements and this slick concept CXperience that you can see on the pictures. When you look at it, it really takes your breath, and you immediately find yourself 20 years forward in the future. It is showing and declaring that Citroen will return to what they do best one day.

The concept is smoothly designed and has fluid lines that soothe your soul. It isn’t aggressive, it is made to make you feel right at home with the interior that caresses your body and makes you cozy. The latest technology inside is present but its made in a way that keeps it out of your face. Concave rear window, the smooth sides, and fastback are leaning a little toward the CX and C6 if you squint really hard. Interior is made in a way that incorporates philosophy less is more, and that is why you get such a zen-like simplicity inside. Seats are lined with memory foam, and their purpose is to make you float the instantly as you sit in them. All of this is a part of Citroen’s new “advanced comfort” policy which also includes an unusual damper with very soft ends for a smoother ride.

Under the hood of this out-of-this-world ride is a plug-in hybrid powertrain with an engine that feeds the power to the front wheels and an electric motor which powers the back. The platform this concept is built upon is stretched version of EMP2 setup which is also used for their Aircross concept.

Thank God that Citroen isn’t just making cars for the European market, they are also selling on one of their biggest markets so far – the Chinese market which is really into big Euro saloons. This is one of the good signs that makes us believe that Citroen might get back on the big sedan track very soon.