The Curse of Oak Island is one of the most popular reality TV shows, it started to air on January 5, 2014, and it has been extremely successful ever since then. There is the reason behind this massive popularity, though. So many books have been published about this island, and the writers of these books talked about different theories, trying to explain the historical events that had happened on the island itself. Some books are about the history of Oak Island and how that is connected to the history of the world, whereas some others talk about the treasure. It was 1863 when the first book saw the light of the day, but after that many have been written, and until today, we have had at least fifty books about the island.

When The Curse of Oak Island debuted two years ago, many people became interested in this location and its secrets. Rick and Marty Lagina are the majority owners of the island as they purchased the property ten years ago. The viewers are watching Rick and Marty as they try to find the treasure and artifacts of importance, which are supposedly hidden somewhere on the island. In addition to that, the viewers have a chance to hear numerous theories about the treasure and its history – whose treasure it is, where it is buried, etc.

Some of the famous people that were interested in Oak Island and its treasure are Errol Flynn, John Wayne, Vincent Astor, Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd Jr. and even the President Franklin Delano Roosevelt himself was trying to unveil the secrets of the island. These names certainly add importance to the quest of finding the treasure. However, some people that watch the show have some negative comments and they believe that there is not much work done.

Viewer Reviews on IMDb state: “Great mystery, pathetic show,” “When it’s all said and done, a lot more gets said than done,” or “Never have so many done so little with so much time!”

You can agree or disagree with these statements and what these people are mad about is that during the one-hour episode, only a small piece of information which is relevant is revealed and these fans believe that this can be done in five or ten minutes. The progress is slow, and Rick and Marty plan to do something for a long time, but once they do it, usually nothing is found. The viewers want the Lagina brothers to be successful and find something new about Oak Island, something nobody has found before. However, this doesn’t happen, and even the most fanatic mystery lovers are starting to lose hope.

So if nothing valuable is being discovered, when will this show end? We cannot tell, but the Season 4 is on the way, and it is aired on cable. Nova Scotia Business Inc. approved $1,271,546 for film funding to produce Season 4 and despite the negative comments, The Curse of Oak Island is still largely popular. Exactly 2.53 million viewers saw Episode 1 of the first season, whereas the first one in the third season was watched by 2.26 million. Season three finale had 2.62 million, and we will let the numbers speak for themselves, but there has been some ups and downs, depending on the episode. According to TV-Recaps-Reviews, The Curse of Oak Island was the highest rated show on cable TV on December 7, 2016.

Celebrity Net Worth lists Marty’s and Rick’s net worth as $100 and $2 million respectively. Marty is a successful engineer who sold his company called Terra Energy for $58 million, after which he launched Heritage Sustainable that produces wind turbines. Currently, this company is working on a project for Missaukee, Michigan and they are building 60 turbines. On the other hand, Rick is retired postal worker and his Oak Island obsession started when he was an 11-year-old boy.

According to the Internet comments, many fans have lost interest in the show, and they believe that it should be finished. Nevertheless, we hope that Rick and Marty will find something soon.


  1. There is no question all the treasure chest that could be dug, or low lying fruit, were found countless years ago. The main question,is most of our ancient civilization shows how amazing we can build from the ground up. Who in the heck had the technology to dig 2 precise shafts, that even net, 400′ below ground, at an angle that would flood the 8 floor money pit shaft and a device that would trigger the release of the water, 800 years ago. Who had that technology? The Egyptians, the Romans, who. That’s the biggest story of all! I do agree with the author who came on the show. All of this was done and meant to be found, hundreds of years later. It was never done with the intent that the original money pit builders would come back in their lifetime and get the treasure. So, Who keeps those records and knew they would have a map to come back and get it when it was needed? Only the Masons, most likely? What future event would they have kept it for? Probably, only the rebuilding of the temple in Israel? They started with the Masons who built King Soloman’s temple and only they would keep such a Holy Trust. I know our Government has Nuclear Tunnel boring Machines not available to the public. They didn’t have anything but strong backs, a shelve and a compass, hundreds of years ago. So, how on earth did they do it. This should be on the ancient astronauts show. I got no other answer to how such a technological dig hundreds of years ago could have been carried out.

  2. does anybody get the feeling that in ORDER TO KEEP ALL EYES ON THE SHOW and distract from the fact that no treasure will ever be found that Rick planted the lead templar like cross on the beach . him and the so called “holy smolly” metal detector did so to change the direction from a failed expensive fruitless treasure hunt and turn it into a saga about how the templars set up some sort of Jesuleum west on Oak Island complete with the Holy Grail and all the trimmings. they dedicated the whole episode too that far fetched theory last nite (FEB.13TH)while we were waiting for the Beef on the latest 200 foot deep million dollar cost bore hole….are we to believe this huge coincidence about how a carving in a 14th century French templar prison wound up “found” on the beach on oak island in the form of a”cheap lead cross” a week after Rick and team returned from france with pictures of that cross from on a wall in Domme?..fraud Alert!

  3. I am a big fan of the show. However, I agree with the crowd that is becoming frustrated. I do not fault the Oak Island Team. They are making huge investments and pursuing an elusive goal. I think the producers are ruining the program. They advertise misleading video clips. I think The History Channel or Prometheus Entertainment is stalling out the search to bilk additional seasons. The narrator asking “Could it be……” multiple times per episode is way past worn out!

  4. yes it needs to end soon; there is more and more evidence that if there were ever anything to be found …was found…..and therefore the show seems intent on delivering that message exscruitatingly slowly. Time for the end; I really don’t think they will find anything of value except the story itself once ended. I had hopes but with every episode there is less and less evidence of any real treasure which is why most people want to watch and see. They like I believed in this story but are more skeptical as each episode passes. The show is clever by introducing doubt at almost every turn before the story unfolds. That is unfortunate as more like me I’m sure begin to doubt more and more and then become more concerned about the let down of all involved; I think that’s why most of us still continue to watch; the faith of Rick and the determination of Marty to make something real out of all this; but its beginning to look more like a sad ending for all. I haven’t seen one video of subterranean tunnels, borehole, or picture that didn’t look natural and not manmade. That makes me wonder if anyone ever went to any depth to hide anything deep; like the facts or story has said ; as many as 11 chests were discovered early on and that the likely hood of anything left is almost nill

  5. Ugh. One of the most dishonest shows ever.

    You know why they keep finding stuff? Cause people used to live there!

    That’s why every location is numbered, the place was divided up into lots!


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