The Curse of Oak Island – Does the Treasure Exist?


In recent episodes, Rick and Marty Lagina have found some important clues, but did they manage to find the actual treasure? The answer is no. For those who have started watching the show recently, you need to know that Rick and Marty are trying to find the treasure on Oak Island, near Canada. According to one of the numerous legends, Captain Kidd buried the treasure on the island and cursed it. Many have tried to find the treasure, but they were not successful.

The details of the Curse of Oak Island production itself are not that clear, so we believe that they film an episode, after which, some time passes and then it airs on TV. If the Lagina brothers found the treasure, it would be big news even on mainstream media such as CNN. Moreover, the media would not wait for the original episode to air, they would race to tell us about the discovered treasure first.

The Treasure Doesn’t Exist?

Some people believe that Lagina brothers will never find the treasure because it doesn’t exist. First of all, curses don’t exist. Secondly, legends are usually made up stories rarely supported by facts. Rick and Marty devoted a lot of time to searching the so-called Money Pit, and many believed that this location could be where the treasure is. However, the Pit has traps that are supposed to chase away the treasure hunters. For example, it can draw them away by channeling seawater into the pit, but this could easily be a natural process.

Furthermore, the Pirates never buried the treasure on the island. There are only a few documents that we can use to find out where a pirate would bury the treasure, but that is about it when it comes to hiding treasure on some random island. Even if Captain Kidd buried the treasure on Oak Island, why would he put traps around it? What if somebody already found the treasure before and told no-one about it?