The Curse of Oak Island Season 4 is about to end, as its last episode will air next week, yet nothing significant have been discovered so far. Therefore, we can’t help but wonder, will the final episode bring the answer to the 220-year-old mystery or at least some major progress?

In case you don’t know much about the show, or perhaps you have forgotten what happened during the four seasons, here’s a quick reminder. Rick and Marty Lagina are two brothers from Michigan who started their quest for the mysterious treasure of Oak Island in 2013. Needless to say, they are not the first ones to try to solve the great mystery. Namely, there is a legend that says that a pirate Captain Kidd once buried the treasure in question there and cursed it, so it can be found only if seven men die trying to find it. Whether this is only a legend or something more, six guys actually have had accidents over the past 220 years, as numerous expeditions have been launched, but, unfortunately, none of them solved the mystery. Lagina brothers’ team is no exception. They have only found some clues, some of which aroused even more questions, instead of offering the long-awaited answers.

When it comes to the Season 4 finale, we have to disappoint you. Just like all the previous episodes, this one will also bring some new clues, but Lagina brothers will not come any closer to any major breakthrough, let alone the solution to the mystery. Just think about it, if they had found out something so significant like this mythical treasure, you would have heard about it by now, for media would not wait for the season finale to air to break such big news.

The team’s failure to find actual answers has started to get on fans nerves. One comment on Monsters and Critics Kyle Carmean says: “I watch this show every week but it seems there is only 5 minutes of actual new things and the rest are just recaps of everything and it’s so annoying. The narrator drives me nuts. “an X-shaped mark, could this be the same mark left by the templars” 99% of this show is speculation and myth, give me some actual facts.” The question is, for how long will History Channel put up with their failure to bring something new and exciting to the audience?

The finale episode of “The Curse of Oak Island” Season 4 will air on February 21, at 9 p.m.


  1. ithink the black gentleman who bought a couple of parcels found a bunch of silver coins you don’t make a living selling cabbage from an island. he was very smart and little by little dribbled out the money buying more land on oak island and ashore, I saw a bit of his clay pipe in that rock pile that they think has a tunnel under it. good for you spent the money and kept his mouth shut. nothing left except some bobby-gasslers to keep the suckers interested. I hope the lagina’s made enough off of t.v. to pay themselves and parnters a little and have no debt.

  2. What i would like to know is how someone back 300 years ago could breathe 300 feet below the ground and how they could dig tunnels to flood the pit as always and forever no one will ever find anything because there is nothing to find at all.

  3. I think we all agree its been slowly dragged out… And as far as conspiracy theories go i believe that the English guy who is an expert metal detector.. i think he is a expert planter of evidence… ie. The silver cross. The gems and buttons…
    Go figure….

  4. In retrospect the Laginas found a lots of clues: a bundle of wet and rotten wood, if they can get it dried out they could warm up their War Room shack for free, well… almost.
    On a more serious note; The treasure was discovered not by the Laginas, but by the History Channel who ran so many episodes spending no money.

  5. as long as advertising interests will pay, there will be another season–ever count the number of commercials? There is more advertising time than actual show time–an hour long show offers 26-28 minutes of show time (with 25% of that being review of past happenings) leaving 32-34 minutes of commercials. Thats where the real treasure is!!!!

  6. Not any spoilers here, just speculation. The brothers and team are funding the exploration mostly. It’s very likely there are no huge revelations this evening but we won’t know for certain until it airs.

  7. You forget something, reality shows like this use nondisclosure agreements. Meaning something significant could have been found and easily kept silent through said agreements.

  8. I also watch the show every week and like someone said earlier, they put a whole lot of filler in these shows and very little new information. By now the audience gets the drift of the show. The fact that if someone or some group were able to pull this off 300 years ago or more with rudimentary tools and technology that in today’s world it should be possible to at least look deep into the ground with radar or sonic testing. I don’t know I guess time will tell, but my gut is there’s nothing there.


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