The fourth season of The Curse of Oak Island ended last week, and the series officially had the highest viewership rating. However, the fifth installment of the treasure hunting show is still up in the air since the Lagina brothers haven’t solved the Oak Island mystery yet, although they vowed to finish the hunt. Kevin Burns, creator of the series, didn’t show much optimism when it comes to doing another season.

Season 4 of the highly popular unscripted reality has had both high and lows. Namely, it has lost a great number of viewers because the show reportedly aired numerous redundant scenes in the majority of the episodes that were repeated over and over again. However, the season 4 finale had 3.8 million people tuned in to find out whether Money Pit has the famous pirate treasure the Lagina brothers are looking for.

Nonetheless, the series ended with the treasure still hidden and the curse unresolved. Due to this letdown, it is highly unlikely that the fifth season will be made. Although Rick and Marty Lagina have already announced they are searching for another investor for the treasure hunt, it looks as if the show won’t be renewed for season 5.

Once positive and optimistic about the treasure hunt, the brothers now seem quite unsure. Burns is also less optimistic about the renewal of The Curse of Oak Island. He confirmed the show won’t be coming back on History soon. He also explained that as much as you could find on Oak Island, it wasn’t everything and that it had numerous stories to tell. 10 years wouldn’t be enough to explore the island, according to his words.

Apart from that, History also keeps silent about The Curse of Oak Island. All in all, if the team wants the show to be renewed, they will probably have to look for a new investor and hope they will complete their treasure hunt successfully.


  1. Hint about treasure hunting……….if you see a block & tackle hanging from a tree limb forget about digging there as any idiot who would bury a treasure & leave equipment hanging over where ‘X’ marks the spot would never have any treasure to bury so find another treasure map. This entire story of Oak Island Treasure reeks with the smell of a hoax.

  2. This worthless show turned out exactly like I predicted it would…………..NOTHING PRODUCED. I

  3. No matter what happens, season 5 or no or no season 6, I think the show’s main characters have done everything they can possibly do to find the treasure. they left nothing on the table. other than running a camera into the metal container they drilled into, which I thought they would do before they ended the season,there’s not a lot left to do. They could have done much better looking for sunken treasure ships. Oak Island is bottomless money pit and I think that black guy got all the gold and the other two chest were it ,those other folks found. It would take a government to spend hundreds of millions of dollars with top scientist and state of the art equipment and satelittes to search below ground from space like they have with egypt. It’s now beyond a local group of investors and a tv show revenues.

  4. I think Nolan’s Cross is an arrow pointing to the buried treasure and not a cross at all…and did they really approve a season 5? I hope so!!

  5. Letdown? This seasons finale contained the best finds yet. I guess we have here another cynic who thinks real life discoveries are found just like in a movie. No, this stuff is hard, and yet they made great strided this season. Definitely the best one yet.

    And, you are wrong because it has just been renewed for another season.


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