As you probably caught it by now, the future of the Curse of Oak Island show is in question. They are ended their Season 4 and the fate of Season 5 is still in the air. The show’s final two-hour episode of the Season 4 was aired on Tuesday, and we could see that the Lagina brothers found few big things. Are these discoveries mean that there will be a Season 5, or this will be it from The Curse of Oak Island and the Lagina brothers – Marty and Rick who gave their best but just didn’t manage to find anything of great importance?

As far as the History Channel is considered this is one of their most-watched unscripted series, with Screener reporting that 3.2 million viewers tuned in to watch the penultimate episode of Season 4, and it fetched a 0.9 rating in the 18-49 key demo, which is magnificent. A cherry on top of all that is the fact that this is one of the highest-rated, unscripted series on the cable network, so far. Rare are occasions when a cable channel shuts down one of its top-rated series, especially if it is revolving around 220-year-old Oak Island mystery.

Kevin Burns, who is a series creator told for Local Express that The History Channel would without thinking “jump at the chance” of renewing The Curse of Oak Island for Season 5. Burns also thinks that the Oak Island hides so many secrets that even 10 Seasons wouldn’t be enough to unearth them all. He stated “Do I think there’s more of the story to tell beyond this season? Yes. I think you could do 10 years on this show and you could find lots of things and lots of treasure, and I would still not be convinced that’s all there is to the story. I think Oak Island has many, many, many stories to tell.”

If you recall it, the same problem emerged last year when it was about the Season 4, and these same questions were raised even then. But just a few months before the season premiere they received funds ($1,271,546) from Nova Scotia Business, and they started shooting. Fans are also very anxious about Season 5 of the show. Jason Enders, one of the show’s fans, wrote on the show’s Facebook page “There wasn’t a contract when season 3 ended either if I understand correctly, but here we are in season 4. If they’re getting ratings, which they are, they’ll renew.”

But there is only one definite deal breaker, well two for that matter and those are Rick and Marty Lagina. If they decide to refuse to return for Season 5, it will be very hard (probably impossible) for the History Channel to continue the show. Burns did also said that Rick and Marty are not a show people and that they always were very reluctant to do the next Season. That is all probably because the hardest thing for the Lagina brothers is the fact that filming of the series keeps them away from their families for 4-5 months.

Unfortunately, the series creator isn’t very optimistic about Season 5, and he gave a statement to Local Express and their reporter Erin Pottie saying “We are not set to come back for another year, take of that what you will.” All of this will eventually turn into History Channel trying to talk Marty and Rick to stay for another Season and to keep digging until they unearth something significant. When we are on the subject of important findings, Rick and Marty managed to find something, well incredibly interesting in the fourth hole. Marty even teased that the important discovery might be a metal object. But if you want to see what that is, watch that Season finale two-hour show now if you didn’t manage to catch it on Tuesday when it aired.


  1. I just want to say how much we appreciate this show and the work and money that the Lagina Bros. have invested. I hope they will continue their dig, so many of us are in anticipation of what is coming. For years, we have wondered about Oak Island. Our son who is now 48, had a book when he was just old enough to read. We live in NS so we took our kids there because we were allowed on the island at the time. They are still fascinated with the place, so we wait patiently to see what comes next. To the Lagina family, please come back!

  2. When will they realize that Nolan’s cross is an arrow pointing to where the treasure is buried and not actually a cross at all??

  3. Is it even possible to dig the entire money pit out to find the treasure. I’m not talking another 10x or GAL 1. I’m talking the entire money pit. Is it possible ? And If so would it work ? According to history one person already tried that to no avail and ended up destroying evidence and landmarks and clues. But I’m talking a new dig with new equipment and the brains of experts and the Laginas Barkhouses and all of their combined knowledge could that be the only way to unearth what I think is the Ark of the covenant

  4. I have to find out. what! they find on oak island. I really believe if they put camera down the holes. they find gold.
    and don’t let the curse get in there head to stop then. And yes my God can stop any curse.

  5. I hope they continue their exploration of Oak Island. For me, and I’m sure for a lot of fans, it’s not just about finding Gold. This series has been about discovering the many secrets that Oak Island holds. I mean what better way to spend the remaining parts of your life. They’re making History. Many have given and devoted their lives to the Island. I love the show! I understand them not wanting to be away from their families for another season, but if I were their family, I’d be extremely proud of what they’re doing with their lives. They’ve put in too much of themselves to just call it quits.


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