The Curse of Oak Island Season 4 is about to end and the fans, thrilled at the beginning of the show, now give up on it and have negative comments. According to the most recent rumor, the curse is make-believe so that the ratings would remain at a high level. Nevertheless, the team will most likely enter the Season 5, since the treasure was not found.

The Curse of Oak Island became popular at its inception as the story of the cursed and hidden pirate treasure attracted millions of fans. The brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina, have been trying to find the treasure for years, but after four seasons, they only managed to find some minor clues and the pace of the show is really slow.

In the opening episode of Season 4, the brothers promised to locate the treasure, but they made some small and insignificant steps. According to the reports, they need more investors for the fifth season, and we know that season four was funded by the Nova Scotia Business Inc. with $1,271,546. Finding absolutely nothing significant is difficult to attract investors and clinch a new deal, but the History Channel has not yet canceled the show, and even though the progress is slow and sometimes non-existent, millions of fans continue to watch it.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 5

Because of that, season 5 is possible, but fans are becoming more and more skeptical after each episode. Some of them even wrote on social media that they were disappointed because of the redundant episodes. This resulted in rumors about making up the curse and about the existence of treasure and that the show only wanted to attract as many viewers as possible.

For those who don’t watch the show, the Curse of Oak Island follows Rick and Marty Lagina, brothers that are trying to find the mysterious treasure buried on the island just off the coast of Canada. According to the curse, seven people must die before the reveal of the treasure, and so far, six have lost their lives. However, the records state that more than hundred people died in the search for treasure, but the mystery remains unveiled.

Rick and Marty remain positive about the treasure in spite of the numerous negative comments. Details about Season 5 and a new sponsor will be probably offered in the season finale. Follow us for more info.


  1. People have such a short attention span these days and are too used to having mysteries and murders solved in the span of an hour. Real life moves much more slowly.

  2. There will be episodes where nothing will be found. There will be episodes where we teeter on the edge of our sofa. This is the life of treasure hunting.

    I, for one, hope that the Curse of Oak Island returns for season 5.

  3. Love the premise. …but too slow a story..I have started to mock the narrator …what they have shown has been wasted hours ..then they showed a commercial , in” black and white” said we won’t be disappointed. ..I already am

  4. It is a reality show with a long history. What is interesting is who built the “money pit”. The fact that the original kids that discovered it actually dug it up ,so it was undisturbed and something of value was buried there. Many have tried to solve the mystery. The Lagina brothers have an interesting approach to trying to solve the mystery .Look at all the theories,what has been tried before. They involve people like Dave Blankenship who has been living on the island and has been trying to solve the mystery since 1972 .His father even longer.I like that. Each show brings in different theories of what is there and how to get to the treasure . Seems like someone went to a lot of trouble to hide something . It is a beautiful part of the world with Hubbards,Chester,and Lunenburg .Great drive and very beautiful scenery along the south shore of Nova Scotia with a lot of history. The fishery,lobster fishermen,boat building history and rum running days are a huge part of the history of the area . Great restaurants and accommodation along the south shore. I certainly hope we see a season 5 . Five years is a short time when you look at how long people have been trying to solve this mystery.


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