8The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 Finale Predictions

With four seasons behind us and many episodes that didn’t bring much excitement, season 5 that is currently airing promises a lot. In the last few chapters of the story, we saw some quite interesting findings, and it looks like the show did pick up the pace by delivering more intriguing things. The overall impression is that we are getting closer to the conclusion and uncovering the secrets that this place hides.



  1. fraud Alert…Rick and the “holy smolly” metal detector planted the imitation cheap “lead templar cross” on the beach on oak island a week after returning from Domme, france with pictures of a very like looking, said carved facsimile of a templar cross into the wall of a templar holding prison..they dedicated the whole boring episode last nite (feb.13th) to this dubouious at best find and the ridiculous notion that the templars moved there operation to oak island in the 14th century to spawn a new Jerseleum west…COINCIDENCE?, NOT…


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