The Curse of Oak Island – New Season Is Likely, The Laginas Have A Plan


The new season of the popular reality show called The Curse of Oak Island is likely, and the Lagina Brothers want to try again to find the treasure and solve mysteries related to the Island. According to the latest claims, the team has a plan to resurface the 200-year-old treasure so the Season 5 might be the last one.

Ever since The Curse of Oak Island Season 4 ended, the fate of this show was unknown, and we haven’t heard any news whether they would renew it. The creator was uncertain about the show’s future as well, but he hoped to continue working for one additional season. This uncertainty is gone as the Rick and Marty have reportedly agreed to do another season of the show as they will try to find the hidden treasure and thus make history.

The fans know that so far, the Lagina brothers haven’t been so lucky in the search for the treasure located somewhere at the Oak Island, but they’ve been excited about the found item that is believed to be a pirate treasure of Captain Kidd. However, Rick and Marty couldn’t find any additional clues that would help them focus on one digging spot.

At the end of Season 4, we could see that the team has been unsuccessful, but Rick and Marty didn’t lose their faith and gave up on the treasure. But since they never wanted all that media attention sequel was under a question mark. That is why the showrunner and creator Kevin Burns was not certain about the next installment of The Curse of Oak Island, but the other problem that all of them face is finding a new sponsor for the excavations.

As we have already mentioned, there are hints that the Season 5 will be filmed and although we don’t know what are the plans of the crew, finding the treasure appears to be within reach. Perhaps Rick and Marty will use a different strategy, but before we start discussing these possible strategies, we are waiting for the official announcement.