The Curse of Oak Island – Final Episode is Approaching


The Curse of Oak Island is coming to an end. We saw in the new episode marvelous discoveries made in the Money Pit and at Smith’s Cove. What is interesting is that there are numerous opinions on Rick and Marty Lagina. Unfortunately, the comments they are getting are mostly negative, never before have there been more complaints than during this season. But let’s start with the positive side of the show. There are many good things which lure the audience into watching it.

The story of the plot is thrilling and captivating, and its characters are amazing and lovable. Each of us enjoys the tension and the mystery that every episode has and can’t wait to see the next one.

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Nonetheless, the narrator isn’t to everyone’s liking. We could all agree how annoying his comments might be. Just remember his saying “Have they found?” or “Could it be?” These comments totally ruin the moment and the curiosity of the viewers in the middle of some intriguing and mysterious chase in the show.

Moreover, the point of such a show isn’t to find something in each episode we watch. It is supposed to be their ultimate goal, not the goal of every episode. What would make it interesting then? Therefore, saying things like “This is it…it all comes down to this!” isn’t going to attract audience, it can only repulse it since we know how advertising anything in this way can be disgusting.

Finally, there are some things which clearly show this series has a purpose and the right direction it is heading to, so let’s draw your attention to that. For example, some of the accomplishments of Marty and Rick, such as reopening the possibility of the Knights Templar crossing the Atlantic before others, or reminding us of the importance of the Free Masons in the building of North America, or securing a place in history for the First Nations and the Mi’kmaq Tribe. We hope these pieces of advice might be useful to you and we’re looking forward to the next episode of The Curse of Oak Island.