The Curse of Oak Island has a big surprise prepared for the end of Season 4


Finally, it seems that we will be getting some real and fascinating discoveries on The Curse Of Oak Island. We could hear various announcements from Lagina brother’s and from the crew that the Season 4 finale will be amazing.

Looking at what History Channel currently has to offer this is one of the best reality shows, and not only on the History. In Season 4 we could see few great findings, and initially, only two digs were planned for Money Pit, but they managed to squeeze two more.

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Even a lot of the money was invested in this endeavor, it seems that it has finally paid off. According to some reports, Lagina brothers have spent from $3 to $5 million only in the last season which is fascinating.

But, did they found the treasure? Did they solve the mystery?

Most likely this will not happen in Season 4, and we might be getting the sequel.


During the last few episodes, we have seen few disappointing moments when the team was in a real crisis. Fortunately for us, they managed to overcome this stage and continue their work on uncovering the truth. Both Rick and Marty agreed that the fourth dig site should be their decision and since Rick has been the most devoted member of the team, it was his call.

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The final episode brings some amazing discoveries, and we will see if they hit the jackpot.

Final episode of Season 4 Release Date

If you are interested to see how this season ends then the February 21, is the time when you should check it out on History Channel.