Curse of Oak Island – Best Moments in Season 4


Season 4 of the Curse of Oak Island started to air on November 15, 2016, and ever since it has begun, it has been promising, and the producers claimed that the fans would enjoy the new season much more than the previous one. Many viewers were frustrated, and some gave up on the show because of its slow pace and lack of evidence to prove any of the theories. The hopes that something would be discovered were almost lost, and the fans started doubting whether there was any treasure there or no.

Rick and Marty entered the new season with optimism and what they have done so far is telling stories and theories about the island to the fans. The Lagina brothers brought more experts and as it appears the pace of discoveries has increased. Let’s see the best moments in Season 4.

1. A load of Wood from the Money Pit

The Money Pit location was discovered back in 2014 and Rick and Marty explored the Money Pit in order to find anything that was useful or even the treasure itself. In total, they have spent more than $2 million hoping that the Money Pit does contain something of great value. A wooden treasure vault was found at the bottom, and it was named “The Chapel Vault.” This was a significant discovery because this piece of evidence has confirmed that the brothers are on the right trail. Previously they had a dilemma whether they should continue exploiting the Pit or change archeological methods and alter the place of their search.

2. 90-foot Stone from Halifax

A team was sent to Halifax in episode 6 in order to take a look at the olive-green stone which is said that it has symbols carved into it that says: “Forty Feet Below, Two Million Pounds are Buried.” The stone was displayed in the window of a Halifax Creighton & Marshall bookstore, but it somehow disappeared mysteriously. In order to find the stone, the team travels 60 miles north to Halifax to the Seed Factory which was a former book bindery. In the basement of this facility, they discovered many exit tunnels and a strange block archway. After they had visited the Halifax Club, which was another place where the stone was, they believed that the strange block archway could have been a potential exit for the stone.

3. Encounter with Lee Lamb

In the same episode, Lee Lamb arrives at the island, and this is important because she is the daughter of Robert Restall, who was a treasure hunter as well. He died on Oak Island during the Money Pit excavation in 1965 and his son Bobby Jr. tried to save him, but he also died in that endeavor. This accident was a reason for the family to stop with the exploration, pack their bags and leave the island for good. Lee Lamb brought the 1704 stone, and she told Rick and Marty that a vertical shaft was discovered by her father, while her mother Mildred was the one who found the stone. This was a significant step forward, and the Lagina brothers wanted to check the historical maps again.

4. A Piece of Tile Shaped Stone Found

In Episode 3, Rick and Craig Tester bring Phil Fink, a geologist, to investigate the stone which is named the Knights Templar stone. He confirmed that a man made the scratches on the rock and that there are glacial striations on the surface which indicate that the Knights Templar had something to do with this piece.

5. Long Wooden Plank from the Swamp

In the Swamp, the team managed to find a long wooden plank which implies that a shipwreck happened indeed. According to some theories, the treasure was brought by ship, which was then deliberately sunk so that the treasure remains hidden and hard to discover. It is believed that the swamp was man-made in order to connect the two separate parts of the island. Fred Nolan was the man who drained the swamp as he thought that it was the key area on the island and marked the possible places where something valuable could be found.