The Curse of Oak Island: what awaits us in the next episode? More clues of the missing treasure have been found


They are not giving up as easily! Lagina brothers have set their minds to reveal which secrets are hidden behind the Oak Island mystery. However, in spite of all of their efforts and the enormous amounts of money invested into this undertaking, there are still no results or clues on the missing treasure. Things that they revealed do not meet their expectations.

But apparently, they are on the brink of discovering something new. On the official Facebook page of The Curse of Oak Island, there was a short video posted which announces the next episode with the following words:

“They’re inching away from finding what 6 people have died for.”

Before the very beginning of the new Season, Rick Lagina has informed the fans that there is something that will “astound” the viewers in the upcoming episodes. So far we haven’t witnessed anything big and extraordinary, but it is believed that very soon we will be surprised. “Money Pit” is the prime focus of Lagina brothers’ project and the audience is patiently waiting to see what is hidden underneath.

About two centuries ago, back in 1795, three boys ran into a hole which soon after turned out to be full of the mysterious objects. One of these objects was a stone with the inscription that said: “Forty feet below, two million pounds lie buried.” However, many traps that were set prevented them from finding the treasure. From that time many people have tried to dig out the missing treasure but without luck.

Lagina brothers are on a good path to resolve the mystery. But the legend has it that seven people must die before the treasure sees the light of the day. Having that six people have died to this moment, Lagina brothers are doing everything in their power to prevent the curse from coming true.

In the next episode, the brothers will try to use the nearby cavity so as to give another attempt to finding the treasure location.

Apart from the shiny gold object, a big nail was discovered in the mud, which could lead to some other clues, perhaps buried parts of a ship.

The next episode is set to air on Tuesday’s at 9 p.m. on the History Channel.