The Curse of Oak Island – 5 Debunked Theories


6The Curse Of Oak Island – 5 Theories That Are Most Likely Wrong

The popular TV show The Curse of Oak Island has reached the fifth season, but the fans are still waiting to see whether the Lagina brothers will finally solve the great riddle and find the treasure this mysterious island is said to hide. Reportedly, it was back in 1756 that a sixteen-year-old boy Daniel McGinnis and two of his friends went to Oak Island to explore it. It is believed that McGinnis found something that implied that someone was there before him – he found a wooden tackle box and two log platforms. Rick and Marty Lagina were not the first ones to be intrigued by this mystery, but just like their “predecessors,” they haven’t had much luck solving it so far. Read on to find out about five theories of The Curse of Oak Island series which have been debunked.