Why We Cannot Use Crypto Signals for Bitcoin


There is a myth among people that crypto signals can also be used for all cryptocurrencies. This is actually wrong. If you are familiar with the main components of the crypto signals then you should know the crypto signal also has a coin component. This means the signal generated for the specific coin. So if you try to use the signal for another coin maybe it can be work that depends on your luck. Logically this is the wrong approach. The market analysis of each coin is limited to that coin. Every coin has different market behavior and fluctuation.

So we are cleared with the myth that we cannot use the one crypto signal for every coin. The next thing I need to clear is that crypto signals cannot be used for bitcoin. The strategies, research and analysis for bitcoin is totally different. So it is wrong to say the crypto signals can also be used for bitcoin. No doubt the bitcoin is also crypto currency but for the bitcoin signals are used. These signals are generated with the extra level of research and analysis. Even not all experts could generate the signals. The bitcoin signals required too much effort and focus.

First let’s talk about the basic difference between the bitcoin signals and the crypto signals. This difference will clear the many confusions and questions which are in your mind.

Bitcoin Signals Vs. Crypto Signals


First talk about the crypto signals. The crypto signals are usually generated for all cryptocurrencies but rather than bitcoin. Hundreds of currencies have been launched and for their guide and instructions, we generate the crypto signals. Crypto signals can be free or paid. The one more best thing about crypto signals is you can easily find them on the internet, but there is tricky technique to find the best one. The expert with little experience can even generate the crypto signals with research and analysis. The process of the analysis and research is somehow easy as compared to the bitcoin signals

However the scenario is different with the bitcoin signals. Bitcoin is also a cryptocurrency, but the signals generated for this are usually referred to as the bitcoin signals. The process and research of the bitcoin signal is totally different. There is a huge time and research process required for this bitcoin signal generation. You cannot find bitcoin signals for free of cost, and the price of the signals is usually high as compared to the prices of the normal crypto signals. The best thing about bitcoin is that you can even use the strategy on other cryptocurrencies. But you cannot know the strategie of the crypto signal on bitcoin.

There is a big difference between crypto signals; those are enough to explain why we cannot use the typical crypto signals for bitcoin. For bitcoin, there are specials generated that are called bitcoin signals. The bitcoin signal generation is the work of every expert. So the person who has spent their life in bitcoin trading could generate the signals with too much effort and time. In this article, we will talk about the reasons and points because we cannot use the crypto signals for bitcoin.

Reason of Not Using Crypto Signals for Bitcoin


There are many reasons that can explain why we cannot use the crypto signals for bitcoin but there are few reasons which are mentioned below. These reasons are enough to clear you.

1. Analysis and Research Process

Let’s talk about the crypto signals first. In the crypto signals the research and analysis you experts perform is kind of easy. On the basis of good knowledge and a little bit of market reading the crypto signal can be generated. For the research and analysis you don’t need to be highly expert. But in the bitcoin signals you need to put extra effort into the signals. In the bitcoin signals the experts spend their days, weeks and months. Even not all experts can generate cryptosignals.org. Bitcoin is the highest value crypto currency so the signal generation is highly sensitive.

2. Time Duration

In the usual crypto signal generation experts don’t need to put much time on it. If the expert is highly qualified then it means the signal can be generated in two to three days. Yes, the research and analysis part required much time. The rest of things are easy in the crypto signals. However, bitcoin signals experts their days, weeks and months. Because for research and analysis experts need to be up to date with the market every time. They have to focus on every critical point like when the graph is going and when up. So all these processes required time.

3. Cost Difference


Usually you find the crypto signals for free of cost. If any channel or service provider is selling the crypto signal then the subscription charges will be very low. Just because the crypto signals have less value because they can only be used for the typical cryptocurrencies. On the other hand the price of the bitcoin signals is very high. The normal trader could not afford this, if the trader tried to use the crypto signals on the bitcoin he or she could lose the money because of this foolishness. So this is the thing you need to consider if someone is selling you the bitcoin signals.


There is a big gap between crypto signals and bitcoin signals. If any channel or service provider is selling you the bitcoin signals at low prices then you don’t need to buy those. Because the effort implemented on the bitcoin signals cannot be sold on low prices. Similarly you have to make sure you are getting the signals from a trustworthy source. The signals are highly expensive so you need to make sure of everything before purchasing. You can be clever and careful on the purchase of the bitcoin signals. Rest there is a difference between crypto signals and bitcoin signals. You can’t implement crypto signals strategy on bitcoin.