Crypto Exchange Bithumb Reportedly Hacked


So, the report has come, and we got the information from our sources that the Crypto Exchange Bithumb is reportedly hacked. It could have a great impact on the BitHumb. Well, we cannot tell what the future is, but for now, let’s take a look at the full detailed news.

The Crypto exchange Bithumb has tweeted that their cryptocurrency withdrawal, as well as deposits, has been paused on 30th of March 2019 this tweet has been posted.

And there was an explanation which was linked to that tweet. And it has been drafted in the attachment that at 10:15, the time zone is not known, on 29th of March, it was described by them an unknown withdrawal has been detected by them through their monitoring system. You can check out free demo if you want to know more about it.


Until they have secured all the cryptocurrency from the detection time, The exchange continues. And it has been done with a cold wallet, and after that, they checked them by blocking the deposits as well as withdrawal services.

In other words, it was an accident which involves the insiders, and they are conducting an investigation with the help of a security company, together with the cyber police agency and the KISA as well.

And there is a post on tweeter by a cryptocurrency user, Dovey Wan, who says that more them 3 million EOS which comprises of around $12.5 million has already been transferred in the cold storage level of the Bithumb. But let me tell you that, this has not yet been confirmed.

And if we go a little back, let me remind you that, in June 2018, Bithumb has been a victim and suffered a hack of around $30 million in cryptocurrencies. And when the investigation was done for this case after the hack was done, around $14 million of the stolen fund was recovered by the Bithumb as a result of the investigation. But still, it was a huge loss at that time for the Bithumb as well.


And one of the most important things we got to know is that last week, the BitHumb reported that they are currently cutting up to 50 percent of their workforce, which shows that they are facing a crunch of finance for sure. So, it is not a good indication for the company according to my views. And further coming back to the Crypto Exchange Bithumb Reportedly Hacked, no further information has yet been received, we are going to update further information to you as soon as our sources are going to get it.

But it is for sure that the Crypto Exchange Bithumb Reportedly Hacked is going to have a very bad impact on the Bithumb for sure as this loss is going to affect the BitHumb a lot for sure. And when seen in the long term, it could also be a big threat for the company as well.