Cristiano Ronaldo Turns 32 – 32 Reasons To Love and To Hate Him


There is no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best soccer players in the world and a huge number of people love him, while the others dislike him. For Ronaldo’s 32nd birthday we give you 32 reasons to love him or hate him.

Reasons to Love Ronaldo

Even if Ronaldo is not your favorite player, his celebration after he scored the penalty kick against Atletico Madrid inspired Peter Crouch to imitate him.

Ronaldo was the reason why Sir Alex Ferguson said what he said in 2008 when the rumors about Ronaldo going to Real Madrid were at their peak. Ferguson said: “Do you think I would get into a contract with that mob [Real Madrid]. Jesus Christ, no chance. I wouldn’t sell them a virus.”

Ronaldo celebrated the anniversary of #CR7Underwear with the underwear cake, which he ate.

Ronaldo won every possible competition in the Premier League, which is arguably the best league in the world with a lot of teams competing for the title.

He has taste in women, as he was seen with Georgina Rodriguez in late 2016 wandering around the city.

Every single goal he scores is fascinating, so it is hard choosing the best one. The one against Porto in 2009, when he played for Manchester was just one of many.

Carlo Ancelotti, the Real Madrid boss, was made to mimic his celebration after hitting the net.

His free kick is amazing, we saw that many times and according to sports science it is also on of the fastest in the world.

Ronaldo’s goal against Valencia last year when he hit the ball with the backheel.

The free kick in 2008 against Portsmouth was absolutely sensational, and it proves why he is one of the best.

He is an iconic figure not only in soccer but the sports world as well, and his stance and behavior on the field are cool to watch.

Another free kick is on the list, and this one was against Arsenal in the 2009 Champions League semis. Arsenal players couldn’t do anything about it but watch.

He gave $83,000 for the brain surgery of a 10-year-old kid.

In another sports science experiment, Ronaldo was almost faster than the Spanish sprinter Angel David Rodriguez in a 25-meter race. Rodriguez finished the race with 3.31 seconds, while Ronaldo was only 0.30 seconds behind.

His son went to greet Lionel Messi. Isn’t that a great way to patch things up between the two rivals?

He led Portugal to win the Euro 2016, and although their performance was not on the level everyone expected, they managed to elbow through the competition.

Remember Zoolander? Ronaldo is his football version.

Reasons to Hate Ronaldo

His endorsement for the Japanese facial device called the Vocative. Some things cannot be unseen, and this is a good example.

He declared: ”[People are envious of me] because I’m rich, handsome and a great player.” A bit cocky, don’t you think?

In the 2006 World Cup quarterfinal match between Portugal and England, Wayne Rooney received a red car after he stomped on Ricardo Carvalho. What is annoying is that the then teammate Cristiano Ronaldo winked after Rooney was sent off.

In the 2010 Champions League when Real Madrid played versus AC Milan, Ignazio Abate’s arm gently touched Ronaldo’s neck, and Ronaldo fell like he got punched in the face. That’s just disappointing simulation.

Ronaldo generates five times more power than a cheetah jumping in full flight. We didn’t make this up, this comes from the same spots science study.

Ronaldo is a skillful player, and no one denies that, but his creativity when it comes to insults is not on that level. He needs to learn to respect his opponents instead of calling them names.

Cristiano defended Gareth Bale after he didn’t pass the ball to him in their match against Espanyol. Ronaldo said: “What happened … is in the past. Sometimes I make mistakes too, so it’s part of the business, part of football. I think the people will be nice with him, and they should be nice with him.”

He is connected to Kim Kardashian.

Pepsi posted photos on Facebook of Ronaldo as a voodoo doll, and the doll was on a train track and with numerous pins in it, but the company had to apologize eventually.

His statue in Madeira, Portugal. No additional comments are necessary here.

His body mass index of 23.4 is perfect for his weight and height, so think about what you are going to eat next.

Ronaldo and Irina Shayk went their separate ways. We liked seeing them together.

Ronaldo could have been a professional table tennis player, but he decided to play soccer. In this video below we can see Nani and Ronaldo debating who is a better table tennis player.

His diamond shoes really look disgusting, and it appears that Ronaldo was ready for the Las Vegas.

His frustration after he scored a goal during the friendly match between Portugal and Spain seven years ago. Well, he didn’t score a goal, Nani was there to mess everything up.