Cristiano Ronaldo spotted in Disneyland featuring wig and a new girlfriend


Cristiano Ronaldo was welcomed as a hero when he returned to the field of his hometown team, Sporting Lisbon. Portuguese superstar and his current team Real Madrid came out victorious on Tuesday night outscoring home team by one goal. The final result was 2:1 for the visitors and Ronaldo contributed with an assist. It’s hard to put his on-field doings aside, but this time we have a good reason.

Before visiting his old club Sporting in Lisbon he paid a visit to the capital of France, Paris. He was spotted there by paparazzi who photographed him in Paris Disneyland carrying a wig and in the company of what seem to be his latest girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez. He was wearing a wig as we already mentioned, sunglasses, coat and turtleneck shirt to hide his identity. He was doing relatively fine, but we noticed it was him nevertheless.

This kind of clothing is not characteristic for Ronaldo as he loves showing off in flashy things but this time around he wanted to pass unnoticed. His unique look was spiced up with baseball hat and hood over his head prompting him to look more like an undercover agent more than anything else.

His latest girlfriend is Georgina Rodriguez and pair allegedly started dating after they attended Dolce and Gabbana event together. After that, she became a frequent guest at Santiago Bernabeu where she took pictures while watching Cristiano in action. Two of them seemed very much in love as they were photographed in Disneyland exchanging kisses and gentleness.

Despite heavy camouflage, it is hard to pass unnoticed when you are as famous as Ronaldo certainly is. Not much time passed and he attracted a small crowd of fans. There wasn’t much commotion and Ronaldo peacefully continued site-seeing the Disneyland. In the set of photos presented here, you can see that he enjoyed this little excursion as much as he could just as any of us would.