It seems that Cristiano Ronaldo got a bit “angry” and refused his latest contract offered by his club Real Madrid. To add to the weirdness that happened, it seems that CR7 demanded to be released at the season end for a “reasonable” price. There were a lot of stories surrounding him and Real Madrid and one of those stated that he actually wanted to leave the club last summer. He, earlier this, year made it clear he doesn’t want to extend the contract that expires 2021.

Although this superstar decided to remain with the club, he has already informed the Real Madrid president Florentino Perez of his decision to leave. He asked to be released on June 30th, and demanded that it happens for a “reasonable price,” or at least that is what Spanish journalist Edu Aguirre, who works for TV station El Chiringuito, reports. As we managed to find out, it seems that Real Madrid have rejected this offer which is exactly the thing that made Cristiano pretty angry.

Exact reasons for this demand that came so “unexpectedly” from Ronaldo are unknown, but there are some indications that he feels very unappreciated at the club, and as it seems, the contract extension offer he received just proved him how little Real Madrid values him. Aguirre continued his report by stating that Ronaldo is actually a “Madridista” and that he loves the stadium, the fans and everything that it brought him, but thanks to the falling out that he had with the team’s hierarchy, his heart is definitely set on leaving all that.

Earlier this season beIN Sports tried to approach Ronaldo and ask him if he was expecting to sign a new deal with Madrid, and the only thing that they managed to get from him was him saying “I don’t want to renew. I don’t want to renew. I’m very happy with the contract I have.” To be honest, Ronaldo isn’t having the best start of the season this year, and he has been struggling a lot, which resulted in him scoring only one goal in La Liga this year. But, frankly, we do not see that Real Madrid could be that impatient and even angry because of his slow start, there has got to be something else to this entire conundrum. What exactly it is we do not know for now, but stay close for all and any updates.


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