Cristiano Ronaldo in anti-aging match


Cristiano Ronaldo is at the moment one of the best players in the world and after recent exploits at the European Championship one of the best that have ever played the game. In addition to his on-field status, he is also being considered to be one of the most handsome players out there.

Being beautiful and staying beautiful are two different things. Cristiano is very aware of this fact so he is spending a lot of time and money to preserve his looks for as long as he can.

Looking at Ronaldo from far away one could say that he is spending more time in beauty parlor than on his training and football matches. This, of course, is not true but to say he is spending equal time on both wouldn’t be an exaggeration. As you can see, in every match he plays his posture and everything about him is always top-notch. He is, to say so, a mere mortal just like the rest of us so he sometimes has a bad game, but a bad haircut or some sort of physical imperfection is a rarity. We have all seen him shirtless, so we know.

It is hard to believe just how much attention Ronaldo is giving to even the smallest of details regarding his looks.

Despite his status as one of the world’s best Ronaldo keeps improving on the field, but years are starting to catch up to him. Medical testing on his body has shown that he will be able to play football at the highest level until he is 38, but his face is starting to show his age. Being already 31 we could see the first signs of wrinkles.

Not being used to losing, Portugal superstar is fighting even these little things. In order to keep his youthful appearance for as long as he can, Ronaldo frequently puts vitamin masks on his face. He does this to prevent and at least to try to slow down wrinkles.

On the picture below you can see how that looks.