To all the girls around the globe, we have great news! No, scratch that, we have excellent news! Cristiano Ronaldo is available for grabs once again after a recent breakup with his latest girlfriend – the Spanish model Desirée Cordero! According to the Portuguese news source Correio Da Manha, Cristiano decided to dump this gorgeous model because of, get this, being “used”.

Cristiano and Desirée started their relationship in late summer this year and according to some sources who were close to the couple, at that time Cristiano thought that he found an ideal woman for himself. Unfortunately, for Cristiano at least, the passion between them lasted shortly, and the main reason is that the Portuguese ace thought that “she only wanted to use the relationship to grow more fame and power in the profession”. At the beginning of their relationship Cristiano (31) and Desirée (23) made a “pact” if you like, which was supposed to keep their relationship a secret, but as these things usually go, the word of their romantic involvement soon became public.

After their status was leaked, Ronaldo was very angry and not long after became very aware of the talks and advice that came from people who were close to him regarding the true intentions Spanish model had. After that, as these things usually go, distrust between them started to destroy their very short relationship. Unfortunately, they also did not manage to separate peacefully and maintain a friendly relationship, and the proof for that was the fact we found out that they met each other at the party in the Spanish capital but also avoided each other the entire evening.

What is even more interesting is that after Ronaldo split up with the Russian model Irina Shayk at the end of 2014, he is unable to hold a relationship together. Was that true love nobody knows, but it has certainly left its mark on him. What is left for the rest of us is to wish him all the best in his future relationships as well as best of luck on the field!

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