Cristiano Ronaldo bought a Bugatti Chiron?!


We believe that some context is in order. The image you see here can be found on both Cristiano Ronaldo and Bugatti’s Instagram accounts, and it was uploaded just a few hours ago. The only difference that can be noted is that the picture on Bugatti Instagram has gathered over 65,000 while the football star’s image had passed 1.4 million likes. Incredible!

Why is this so important? Well, the known fact is that this athlete has much love for his Bugatti Veyron which he drives a lot, and therefore it is logical to conclude that he has moved up to a more powerful 1,500 HP one you can see in the photo behind him. But there is also one more thing peeking its nose in that picture which makes us feel even more that this is Cristiano’s garage. That nose on the right side of the image looks like the nose of the Lamborghini Aventador which Cristiano bought for his birthday and, if you take a closer look, it is dressed in the same matte black hue as the one he bought!

But before jumping to conclusions, there is one viable thing on the picture here, and that is the license plate of the Chiron. It looks like a factory plate, meaning we should hold our horses until we get more info, and jumping to the conclusion that Cristiano is already enjoying what seems to be the Bugatti’s masterpiece.

But what actually pushed us toward thinking like this, is the perfect timing of the photos, because if you recall Bugatti just recently let “slip” an info stating that first Chiron customer cars had been built and that these quad-turbo monsters were on their way to their owners. But what additionally confused us is the fact that the image came with a message saying “Later today #CR7xBUGATTI”.


While this article was in the preparation stage, Cristiano Ronaldo delivered an update to the story, if you like to call it that, and posted a video of him driving the Chiron around the VW Group’s Ehra-Lessien test track, but as far as this video goes, this story isn’t over yet. The video also came with a message saying “Tested and approved #CR7xBUGATTI”.