Instagram is at a peak of its popularity. Millions of users, millions of profiles, and an infinite number of photographs, stories, and videos. You can find anything and anyone on this platform from your friends, to favorite musicians, makeup and tattoo artists. Everyone has an Instagram account and everyone goes through the same process when trying to make an account. Choosing the username is what people typically spend the majority of time on. First, you’re trying to think of a cool username, then you see it isn’t available, then you think of another one and find out that one isn’t available either and the process continues until you just type whatever.

Choosing a good username is an important process for many. A good username can bring you more followers and will make you stand out. You also want to find a username that isn’t too similar to many others that already exist as that will only create confusion. Often, you’re required to add some strange symbols that can be difficult to remember.
There are tools that can help you find a username that is available and spare you the time of looking for the perfect one. If you’re interested to read a bit more about it, check this out. Choosing the right name has now been made easier with these tools that explain how long a name should be and which additional characters and underscores are allowed.

Tips for choosing a good Instagram name

The first and most important thing is to find an original name. It will allow you to stand out and it will make it easier for your followers to remember it. If it’s interesting and causes someone to think twice about it, it’s good. Take Billie Eilish and her Instagram name as an example. Her IG name is “wherearetheavocados” which is interesting, silly, cause you to read it twice, think about why is that her username and all of that leads you to remember it. Now, millions of users link that specific username to her. However, she did end up changing it to Billie Eilish which is, in my opinion, a shame.

Also, your IG name should be easy to remember, meaning it should be short and simple. I understand that “wherearetheavocados” isn’t short nor simple, but let’s be honest, it’s still pretty easy to remember right? However, generally speaking, it’s a good idea to go for something shorter as it’s going to be easier to search for and remember.

The username should, if possible, say something about you or about what you’re offering to users on your account. Are you a playful, outgoing makeup artist or are you’re going for a more serious vibe? It all depends on your target audience and your username should be considered appealing to the people you’re trying to reach.

If you have some other accounts as well, the best option would be to use the same username on all platforms. That way, your followers are already used to the name and it will make it much easier for them to find you.