Last night against Seattle Seahawks Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott had a QB rating of 51.3. Week 16 match-up was his fifth game of the season in which he had a passer rating below 70. It was also his third match in which he went under 60. His underperforming doesn’t end there. The duel vs. Seahawks was his fifth match of the season in which he throws two or more interceptions. Versus the New York Giants, he had more than 300 passing yards, and that was his only match this year that he crossed that margin.

When comparing these numbers to the ones Tony Romo put up during 2014 season, which was his last full season, we get some unpleasant conclusions. In that year Romo’s QB rating was under 70 only two times. During 17 weeks he had ten games with QB rating over 100. Prescott did this only five times this year, and it was all but once before Elliott’s suspension. Three seasons ago Romo only had two games with multiple interceptions, but he was throwing for 40 yards more per game compared to what Prescott threw this year (247-210).


Entire Cowboys team had flaws this season, but other areas of the team elevated their play when needed. Even without Ezekiel Elliott Cowboys were third in whole NFL rushing wise. Their defense, when Sean Lee was healthy and ready to go, was good enough for a 7-3 score. Awuzie and Lewis stepped up as the season progressed, while Lawrence and Irving were dominating the D-Line. Even without Tyron Smith who missed few games their O-Line still had two All-Pro players. These parts of the squad weren’t the problem. Prescott was.

All of those who wondered if Dak is going to have a sophomore slump got their answer. He didn’t improve at all compared to the 2016 campaign. What was apparent is that he actually failed significantly to match the performance from the previous season. Thier passing game is ranked 23rd in the league and was disappointing them the entire season. The problem is that Cowboys had the solution for this. With the immense talent on both side of the ball, a QB of Tony Romo caliber would lead them to the postseason. No, they would be able to reach the Super Bowl.


With all flaws that Romo has, he has managed to lead teams much weaker than 2017 Cowboys to playoffs. While Prescott is surrounded by leagues best O-Line and one of the top three RB’s in NFL, Romo had to play with the likes of Marion Barber, Miles Austin, and Felix Jones. When all of the pieces were put together for former QB, he easily led any Cowboys team to playoffs. Yes, he only has two playoff wins, but some of these were lost to non-football factors (Dez caught it). The reason why Romo was able to do this, is because on his worst day he’s a better quarterback than Prescott.

Tony Romo never had a low passer rating as Prescott has this season. Last year Dak was impressive, but that was more thanks to his teammates that were incredible. When they went from great to good, Prescott was nowhere to be found.


It’s too late now to cry over the spilled milk, but Prescott’s ride as Cowboys starting QB should have been ended when Romo was healthy enough to play last season. Instead, Jones and Cowboys higher-ups were enchanted with his young age and low salary, so he seemed like a perfect solution. Two flies with one hit. But, Prescott was only good as was his O-line and his best friend, the fourth pick of 2016 draft. Which pick was Prescott again? Yes, Romo went undrafted, but after two seasons Cowboys knew what they have on their hands. Do they know now?

In the end, think of this as it’s child’s argument, where my quarterback is better than yours. Romo is a lot of things, and there is a lot that he isn’t and never will be. The same way Prescott is a lot of things and some he isn’t and never will be. One of those things that Prescott will never be is better than Romo. If anyone in Dallas still has Tony’s number they should call him. He might be eager to come back and take his Cowboys to the promised land.


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