Cowboys vs. Redskins clash


Week two in NFL and one game stands out in particular. As you already know losers of week one are both Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins, and now they are clashing each other as top rivals of all time as Sports Illustrated refers to them. Don’t get this too serious, though; this is not “must win clash” because it’s too early in the season for it but still, it would be a great return after Week 1.

Why this game stands out? A few reasons for it.
Every game in division counts, sure the game 17 against Philadelphia on New Year’s day has more impact on the race for playoffs but every matchup before counts as important. If a slip-up is made here, maybe the Week 17 will not count.
Dez Bryant had a nice game and one catch on Sunday for 8 yards against Giants, but it kinda all flew under the radar too fast. We expect a big week back from him.
QB problems in Dallas, where rookie on that position, Dak Prescott, was very bad on Sunday with 1 for 10 for 21 yards on attempts of more than 15 yards. That’s why we can’t blame Bryant for his bad numbers; the guy doesn’t have a QB to feed the balls downfield.

The presence of defense problems over at Redskins with their $75 million defender Josh Norman who refused to line up with Antonio Brown on Monday night. Apparently, he spent the whole time stuck on the left side instead of following Brown. Redskins defensive coordinator and Norman received a whole lot of criticism on that account. Hopefully, this will be sorted out against Cowboys.
Redskins should really consider starting this season a little sharper, and tougher, because not one team had more “must win” games than Redskins in the past 12 years. They often start very slow and sluggish, opening the throttle from the half of season. Hopefully, they will start this one from the top hard and fierce.

All of this as I said is what makes this games stand out in week 2, but maybe there is something to what John Madden once said that makes these two teams stand out from others and that is “It’s a good rivalry. It’s always going to be a good rivalry. It’s the best rivalry when both teams are good. It diminishes when both teams aren’t good”.