Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles – Week 17 Picks And Predictions

Source: bloggingtheboys.com

The Dallas Cowboys have confirmed their status in the NFC after shutting down the Lions in the second half of their Monday Night Football matchup. Even though they didn’t need to win that game as they already secured a home-field advantage with a Giants’ loss. They still came to play and made a statement against Detriot.

Eagles have been pretty bad ever since they had that good 3-0 start. Philly’s o-line and weapons on the offensive side of the ball are pretty weak. Dallas defense is not one of the best, but they don’t break. They do bend, and they will again as there is a possibility of Garrett resting some players before the real and tough duels in January start.

Source: bloggingtheboys.com

One of the players that won’t sit on the bench in order to rest for the Playoffs is Dak Prescott. Jerry Jones stated that he likes Tony Romo being on the bench right now as he is ready to step in if something happens to Prescott. He doesn’t want to take a risk with Romo as he might get injured while he might still be needed later in the season.

This is a divisional rivalry, the level of physical contacts will be higher and Romo that is injury prone might end up hurt. It seems that Dallas won’t rest too many players as they will have a bye week during the Wild Card weekend. That means we are going to pick the Cowboys to win this match behind big numbers from Dak Prescott. Dallas is going to take it easy on Elliot, but it won’t matter as Dallas will win this one 26:19.