As you can remember, Dallas Cowboys released their star receiver Dez Bryant in April and that wasn’t a pretty separation as the All-Pro WR had many negative things to say about the situation. We know how much Dez loves the game and that he can sometimes be too feisty on the field and the sideline, but he does that because he is competitive and wants what’s best for the team.

After a divorce and some harsh words, many thought that we will never see Bryant back and that the door is closed for him. After a few months of cooling down for both sides, especially for Bryant, rumors started to surface that Dallas head office is in contact with former WR about his possible return.

While these are only rumors at this moment, we did hear stories about Brice Butler, another former receiver that might come back to the team. This indicates that Dez, who is currently unemployed, could be on the list for the squad to resign. The reunion might be a great solution for both sides since you always want to look for ways to improve and Bryant could again be a favorite of Cowboys fans.

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It definitely seems that Dez has cooled down and that he is over the fact that he was released. Just recently he was spotted with Jerry Jones at the Beyonce and Jay-Z concert. On top of that, we could see more than one of his tweets praising Dak Prescott and the team.

If we take a look at the current situation in America’s Team, there is no doubt that we will see a problem with the offense. They are currently at 1-1 with only 28 points that were scored in two games. There is a large number of receivers that Dak targeted which is a good thing, but with 86 yards in two games, Cole Beasley is the leader in yardage. Second in line is Tavon Austin with 79 yards that he amassed on two catches of which one came in Week 2 when Prescott connected with him for 64-yard TD play.

With only one touchdown pass, it is clear that Prescott could benefit from a high profile target on the field and Dez Bryant could be the solution. This would definitely open more room for some other players as defenders would need to focus more on Bryant and always pay close attention to what Zeke is doing.

Would you like to see Dez back with the team?

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  1. Yes I would but only if he wants to. I give him full support because Dez Bryants in not only an outstanding NFL football player, but a decent human being that brings energy to a lot of people. He’s a good dude.

  2. Dez and Austin would force teams to try and stop Zeke with a seven man front. If Dak hits dez on a few slants that becomes a six man front…You mix in Cole Beasley and Defensive Coordinators will have their hands full. I think Dallas becomes the hardest offense to defend against and the excitement returns to the NFL because Dallas is the team so many people love, and even more LOVE TO HATE. Dallas Cowboys are the Muhammad Ali of the NFL…INSTANT RATINGS…Defense is among the best in the league, just need to get the offense some help, mind you it might take Dez three weeks, but after the Bye week he should be ready to go full blast…I predict 15 touchdowns…With Tavon Austin and Beasley Dez will have over 1800 yards receiving maybe even eclipse 2000…Jerry gets his Super Bowl withOUT Jimmy Johnson…And all is good in America…How Bout Dem Cowboys…

  3. Jesus, 100% based on speculation? And you know how Dez feels because why? Way to go. Send your mom and dad their money back for putting you through school. It was a fucking waste.


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