Should Cowboys Think About Trading Dez Bryant?

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Dallas Cowboys are one of the best teams in the whole NFL right now. They are 5-1 with five straight wins and some big ones. The beatdown of the Bengals was great, but this road win against the Packers at Lambeau is just on another level. And they are doing this without their two best players from the past couple of years.

This 5-1 team is led by rookie QB Dak Prescott and rookie RB Ezekiel Elliot that is leading the NFL in rushing. It’s going to be tough for them to continue winning going forward without Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, but they are giving us the impression that they are for real even without them.

If they wanted to trade Romo, they would need to find someone desperate enough to take on his huge contract, and they really wouldn’t get a lot in return for aging QB that is struggling to stay healthy. But Dez Bryant has a lot of value, and they can get a big return for him. Dallas is on fire on offense even though he has missed third straight game. Should they trade him?

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No. He is still one of the best wideouts when healthy. And Cole Beasley and Brice Butler along with Terrence Williams just need that number one guy on the other side to be even more effective. And you need a man who will always be able to make plays when the ball is thrown outside the numbers. They need Bryant, and they should hold on to him.