Cowboys Should take A Closer Look At Terrelle Pryor


Dallas Cowboys will look to add a wide receiver or few of them during the 2018 free agency and draft. Their front office was adamant about making the offense Dak-friendly, and they will do this by revamping their receiving corps. One of the players that might attract Cowboys attention is Terrelle Pryor.

What’s interesting is that same player was in the conversation of going to Dallas last year when he left Cleveland Browns. He landed in the NFC East but only to Cowboys rivals the Washington Redskins.

Pryor is one of the most physically gifted players in the league. And not only that, his talent for football was confirmed after he switched positions. He went from being a quarterback to being a wide receiver. Yes, he failed to make an impression in the league at the QB position, but as a receiver, he looked promising while with Browns.


He signed with Cleveland Browns in 2015 in his attempt to make it in the NFL as a receiver. A year later Pryor caught 77 passes for 1,007 yards and four touchdowns. After this season he hit the free market, but not many teams wanted to take a gamble with him.

The one that did were the Redskins. Pryor signed a one-year deal and hoped that he would repeat what he did the year before and that that will be enough for him to sign a multi-year multi-million contract with a team in the NFL. But after 2017 campaign he took a step back. Pryor only caught 20 passes for 240 yards.


His drop in numbers doesn’t seem logical, considering that in Washington he played under Kirk Cousins while in Cleveland there wasn’t a clear QB situation. But, regardless of his bad year in DC, he’s still a physical specimen. Because of his sheer speed and strength, Cowboys should take a look at him. With a size of 6’4’ and 228lbs, he’s one of the biggest targets in the league.

With everything said above, he looks just like the deep threat Cowboys are searching for. Yes, he’s 28 years old, and with one good season behind him, Pryor is a gamble. But with the amount of what America’s Team could gain here he’s one worth taking.