Cowboys Survive Defensive Struggle Of A Game In Minnesota


Dallas Cowboys are not known for their defense. Their signature is their running game and that offensive line that is paving the way for their backs. Dak Prescott is also always involved in the mix as he is the one that makes all needed plays when Dallas needs that the most.

But, on Thursday, their offense and clock management didn’t win them the game. It was the defense that helped them edge the Vikes in Minny. Dak Prescott was just 12/18 for 139 yards and one TD pass. Ezekiel Elliot did have 86 rushing yards and one score on 20 carries. His longest attempt was a 30-yard run. That means that he wasn’t really effective in this game.

And yet, the Dallas Cowboys found a way to slow down these Vikings squad, who were playing on their home turf, and got the win that is their 11th in a row. Pretty impressive stuff from the Dallas Cowboys right there and 17:15 was the final score.


Now, Dallas Cowboys are getting ready to face the New York Giants next week. They still have a two-game lead over them, but if they win that match, they would lock their division title and most likely the top seed in the NFC.

On the other hand, if they lose, the Giants are back in the game for that divisional title, but they would need Cowboys to drop another duel. The way Dallas is playing that is not likely. Can Cowboys get the 12th consecutive win or their streak will be ended by a divisional rival?