Content Creation Tools that Will Make Your Work More Effective


Most owners of Internet resources use content marketing. It requires a relatively small budget and provides a good response from the target audience. But it’s not so easy to create high-quality content that will truly advertise a brand, services, products and attract the attention of users. To create information that is useful to the consumer, you must have the right plan, including tactics, strategy, and a set of content creation tools that will allow achieving all the goals. To develop good content you need to use an effective content writing service like Writemypaper4me that will help to form an idea; create a text and polish it; work with graphics, and optimize writing.  Find out what tools can help you to create high-quality content.

Where to search for content ideas?


Check what tools can help you find interesting content ideas:

  1. Content marketers can use this popular social network to identify trends, communicate with others, and strengthen their credibility by providing qualified answers on almost any topic.
  2. It has gone from an entertainment website to an advanced tool for content marketers. With the right topic, target strategy and a very small % of luck, your post has all the chances to become viral. More than 36 million users and billions of comments are a fertile field for any content marketer.
  3. The best content marketing specialists from around the world use this site to share their ideas, leave feedback, consolidate their credibility and discuss trends. You can either create your posts based on a question or specific content or participate in ongoing discussions.
  4. If you are looking for the most popular stories on a wide variety of topics, here you’ll find a lot of interesting things, from business and technology to the latest news.

5 tools to analyze content effectively


Analysis of content is a must-step if you want to achieve the goal. Check the list of the most effective tools below:

  • It helps you find out who visits the website. Kissmetrics turns visitors into customers, helping them achieve their goals.
  • Google Analytics. It’s one of the best free analytics tools. You don’t need to have any special knowledge to understand how this tool helps a business. But if you like to study everything fully, read one of the many online Analytics manuals.
  • It’s a must-have for content marketers. Having created a portion of excellent content, use this tool to present it to your target audience, evaluate performance, and optimize reach.
  • Simply Measured. It helps explore each post and measure its effectiveness. Users get access to various messages, including an analysis of competitors.
  • It’s a tool that will help you bypass competitors in all indicators: compare your achievements and achievements of competitors, track major campaigns of competitors, determine who (influential people) they rely on to distribute their content.

Visual content creation services


You’ve probably noticed that visual content helps to perceive information. The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than words. Thanks to the services you’ll find in a list, you can do without a designer. Using photo editors and graphic designers, create everything you need: presentations, posts for different social networks, invitations, email newsletters, etc.

  • Canva. You’ll read about this tool in almost every review of visual content creation services. Use it for many purposes: from writing posts for social networks to presentations. In the paid version, you can download your own fonts and branded colors.
  • Fotor. An excellent analog of Canva you have an opportunity to experiment with. It’s intuitive and convenient service that makes it easy to create high-quality content.
  • Befunky. There are also many different patterns, but less than in previous services. Additional features: make original collages and edit photos: resize, apply artistic effects and elements.
  • Adobe Spark. This service provides you with an opportunity to create pictures for posts of all social networks. There are convenient templates and a very intuitive interface. You are welcome to create gifs and videos. Edit them, label and add effects.

Creation of great content in social networks: The best programs 

Creating content for social networks takes time and effort. You need not just to figure out what video, image or gif to make, but also to adapt them for each platform. Save time with the help of the right programs. Video creation services:

  • Supa. Supa videos are created from templates or scratch. Service makes horizontal, square and vertical rollers. To get started, you need to select the desired format, the video editor will appear. There is a wide range of editing options – the choice of colors, gradients, and pictures from photo stocks or uploading your images. Supa will offer to adapt the image to the video format and add filters to the image – the set is the same as in Instagram.

The yellow “+” button adds ready-made text templates and icons, loads images from a computer. For each element, the background is an exception), you select the effect using the “start animation” and “final animation” buttons – the way it will appear and disappear. Video may consist of one or several slides. During creation, view each slide individually or watch the entire movie.

  • Lumen5. Lumen5 turns blog posts into storyboards. To create a video, you must add a link to the publication or insert text. Highlight only the key points of the article. Lumen5 will add pictures that can be replaced and automatically generate a video.
  • Animaker. This tool makes animated videos: slide shows, cartoons, infographics. In Animaker, there are more than 40 templates – ready-made videos with effects, transitions, and music. Animaker creates horizontal and vertical videos from scratch, as well as videos specifically for the creation of Stories on Instagram. Different characters, backgrounds, attributes, texts, diagrams, effects, music are available – most of them are paid. You can also upload your own pictures and melodies, record speech over the video.

Creating images services

  • Crello creates images on social networks and blogs, postcards, posters, flyers. The tool is very similar to Canva, but it offers more than 10 thousand free templates, 11 thousand elements, and 65 million images. The easiest way is to choose a free design template in the Inspiration tab and adapt it in the Crello editor. The creation of a picture from scratch is possible via the Create Design tab. It is possible to add labels and objects – forms, icons, illustrations, frames, lines, and stickers.
  • Adobe Spark. Adobe Spark is used not only to make a video. Creating pictures on the social network and web page design are the main advantages. It has several unique features, such as changing the color palette and suggesting styles. It’s another content adaptation tool. To create an image, you need to select the image format: an advertising post on Facebook or “Story” on Instagram. The service will make its own design variant and offer a few more to choose from. The selected image can be improved – change the arrangement of elements, font and text color, shape, color and transparency of the substrate, applying a filter to the background, change the palette of the entire image. Adobe Spark allows you to add your own images and photos from stocks and hosting, additional text blocks and logo. The service saves the image to its library and creates a link that can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Infogram. In Infogram, there are more than 35 types of graphs, 500 types of maps and a million images and icons that will help you visualize data beautifully. The easiest way to do an infographic is to download data from a file, Dropbox, Google Spreadsheets, OneDrive or Google Analytics. After that, Infogram will create a graph, which you need to edit.