Constantine Season 2 Release Date, News and Updates


We might get to see Season 2 of Constantine if we can rely on Matt Ryan’s new interview to be the sign of the show returning. He chatted about Hellblazer and his wish to present John Constantine on the screen.

Ryan was recently in Georgia, Atlanta at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest and he mentioned the second season of Constantine. He confessed that he isn’t sure whether the sequel will follow, but he is so grateful to the fans who have supported his character constantly.

He was especially thankful to the fans who gathered and fought for him and the series right after it was shut down by NBC. This guy was amazed that the audience reacted to the show so well and called his fans “hardcore.”

Ryan also disclosed what he thinks Hellblazer could have done by now if only NBC had approved Season 2 of this TV Show. He said that he thinks that John would be probably smoking cigarettes with the devil back in Hell.

Despite the show being canceled, the actor admitted that he would love to reprise his character, even if those are only cameo roles. He would like to appear on any CW series, and that includes Arrow and The Flash.

The previous time we saw Matt Ryan as Constantine was in Season 4 Episode 5 of Arrow. Nonetheless, as this crossing over is occurring, we may get to see Hellblazer on the screen once more.

Needless to say, we still don’t know if Season 2 will ever happen and obviously the chances are poor. Rumor has it that the show might be taken on by Netflix from The CW, but unfortunately, the networks said nothing about this possibility.

Meanwhile, as the second season of Constantine is still very uncertain, Matt Ryan will come back as Hellblazer in Justice League Dark as he will be voicing John Constantine in the animated movie.