Conspiracy Theory – Mysterious Planet X Will Destroy Earth in September


According to some conspiracy theorists, the world as we know it should disappear in just a few weeks, according to Daily Mail. The Christian numerologist David Meade warned that the world that the giant mysterious planet called the Nibiru would hit the Earth.

According to his bizarre theory, the solar eclipse which has just happen is a signal which marks the movement of the so-called Planet X and that the scientists missed. Mr. Meade uses several passages from the Bible to enforce these claims. Even though there is a significant lack of evidence and NASA confirmed that it is an online scam, some people still believe that it is true.


Ever since 2003, some theorists have claimed that the Nibiru or the Planet X would destroy our planet and mark the end of the world. Earlier this year Meade confirmed that the Nibiru would collapse with the Earth after it had been drawn by the Earth’s gravitational field. When that happens, the planet will unite with the Sun. He also said that the Nibiru is hard to spot because of the angle of approach.

The conspiracy theorist has postponed the end of the world, however, saying that August 21 will be the start of the apocalypse. After the solar eclipse, the planet would collapse with the Earth and destroy all living beings. According to his estimates, this is going to happen on September 23.


If you want to know more about this theory, you can google it, and there are plenty of videos and materials to examine. Do you believe in this theory, or do you think it is just another prediction which is, well, just a prediction? Either way, follow us until the end of the world. Which will be soon. Or won’t.