How Commercial Laundry Helps Your Business


When you own and manage a business, whether it is a hotel, restaurant, or gym, you have many tasks to juggle. Most of your days are made up of endless day-to-day tasks to make your business successful. As your business grows, you look for the best employees to hire and outsource specific tasks to free up your time. Some of these tasks include commercial laundry service.

If your business heavily involves linens, fabrics, and uniforms, you might need an effective method to wash them and reliable commercial laundry service to help you. Several businesses benefit from having a relationship with a commercial laundry service, and you might not know about this yet.

Helps Save Time and Money

All business owners want to save money. They cut costs and make sure to maximize their expenses down to the last penny. That’s why, for some, outsourcing laundry tasks is only an additional cost.

In truth, outsourcing your laundry needs to a commercial laundry service helps you cut costs. You do not have to buy a washer and dryer machine, pay for water and electricity needed to wash your bulky loads of dirty linen, and buy laundry essentials. If you do not outsource your laundry, you will realize that doing laundry alone can be relatively expensive.

Thoroughly analyze the costs of owning and using your washing and drying machine and buying laundry essentials. These expenses are cut from your monthly costs if you choose to outsource your dirty linens to commercial laundry services.

Besides, one of the most common mistakes business owners is forgetting the time value of money. Many do not realize how much their time is worth. That’s why most of them do tasks that can be easily outsourced. You might be doing the task longer than an expert can. Why not spend your time planning on other things that can help your business?

Hire a professional commercial laundry service like Liox to save time and money. You do not have to pay for additional energy and water consumption bills and procure laundry essentials. Moreover, you and your employees save time by not washing or folding the laundry.

Reduces Stress

When you and your employees have several daily tasks to do, it causes stress and low performance. You should not be stressed about your dirty linen if there’s a reliable and affordable commercial laundry service with a fast turnaround time.

Another mistake of business owners is letting their employees do tasks that are not meant for them. Laundry is best done by professionals who have more training and proper equipment. Let’s say you asked the housekeeper or waiter to do the laundry. You are wasting money, time, and their potential to do their primary task.

Your employee will take more time to do the task, and you will pay twice for their service. More so, you are taking them away from their main task, which impacts the customer experience.

Thus, instead of worrying about your dirty laundry, have it picked up and delivered by the commercial laundry service you appointed. Partner with a laundry company to improve the productivity and efficiency of your team without getting too much stress.

Release and focus your energy on other important tasks. Let your employee handle tasks that they know and concentrate on.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Your customers will not appreciate it if your employees are hard-to-find. If you keep your employees busy doing tasks that are not their priority, they become missing in action when a guest needs them. Keep your staff available at all times by outsourcing the tasks that will eat up most of their time.

Quick Turnover Rate

If you depend on your employees to wash the company laundry aside from their main tasks, there’s a high probability that the laundry needs will not be on the top priority list. Your employees have to take care of other tasks.

Hire a commercial laundry. You can have your laundry washed and folded the next day. Do not let your laundry pile up. It will affect your customer experience. If you have a partnership with commercial laundry services, you will have your towels, linen, and other fabrics back within 24 hours.

It is a lot faster than letting your employees do the laundry. More so, outsource companies make it convenient for you. They offer pickup and delivery services.

Meets the Regulatory Standard

Businesses within the hospitality and restaurant industry have to ensure that their linens are appropriately cleaned. It has to meet the standards of local, federal, and OSHA regulations. You have to meet the guidelines as a failure to meet these requirements may cause you costly fines.

OSHA indicates the proper way how linens should be cleaned for medical facilities. If you use a commercial laundry service, you can avoid the hassle and costs to ensure you are appropriately cleaned according to regulations.

Save the Environment

Now, consumers are more open to those businesses that care for the environment. They want businesses that reduce their carbon footprint. Reducing carbon footprint includes using less energy, water, and products that are safe for the environment.

Aside from you are cutting expenses on water and energy use, you are reducing the consumption also by giving the task to third-party laundry. Moreover, you can contribute to the environment’s overall health by partnering with a commercial laundry company that engages in green methods.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing laundry tasks and putting faith in commercial laundry service help several business owners maximize their sales and gain more customers. Moreover, it improves your workers’ productivity and allows them to use more of their skills effectively.

After you have factored in all the cost cuts and benefits of outsourcing to commercial laundry services, you will search for a reliable laundry service company around you. Do not be easily overwhelmed by the number of outsourcing companies available.

Choose a laundry service company that offers competitive service rates, meet OSHA’s standards, and provide convenience through pickup and delivery services.