How To Combine SEO With UX for Better Web Pages?


Search engine optimization or SEO can be combined with UX (user interface) for better results. But how to do it? There are several ways to do it but you need to know why it is important before you start working on it. User experience is always recommended as the most critical issue in search engine optimization.

From search engines to top digital marketers, everyone is recommending user experience as the core element for higher rankings. Your SEO strategy must comply with standards that enhance user experience. Still, many digital marketers like EZ Rankings are there to tell you that higher search engine rankings have nothing to do with the user interface. But it is not the complete truth, because user experience has an indirect connection with search engine optimization.

Why & How SEO Is Linked With UX?

So the first question that pops up in our mind related to user experience, is why and how SEO is linked with user experience. If there is no clarity of thoughts about it, then you cannot do effective things to improve your search engine ranking with user experience. Following are some of the reasons why user experience is related to search engine optimization and site rankings.

Search Engine Algorithms

Search engines have made public announcements many times through various channels that user experience will be the most critical factor in search engine rankings. Search engines are using it as a major signal while ranking various sites on search engine result pages.

Goal Of SEO

The ultimate goal of SEO and UX is also related. If we talk about the goal of search engine optimization, then it is clear that more organic traffic is the ultimate goal. And you will get more organic traffic only if you are providing an enhanced user experience to your site visitors.

Goal Of UX

The goal behind user experience is to make your visitors feel comfortable, convenient, and positive while browsing your website. It is obvious that if your site is providing a good user experience, then visitors will spend more time on your sites, and also they will visit it again. So all these factors will enhance your site rankings and organic traffic.

Ways To Combine SEO With User Experience

After having clarity about the relation between SEO and UX (user experience) now you need to start the process. You can combine SEO with user experience in several ways. However, it is not something like doing SEO and enhancing user experience with the same actions. There will be different tasks performed for different results, so let’s get started with the main section.

Page Speed

Page speed is the common factor that is directly linked up with search engine optimization and user experience. If the web pages on your website are not loading faster, then you might be losing traffic. Site visitors or searchers coming directly from search engine result pages are not going to wait anymore. If your site doesn’t load faster they will go back and look for other sites.

Media Compression

Compress media files before you upload them to your site because heavy image files, video files, or any other file may be impacting your speed.

Fast Servers

Try to use fast servers. Shared hosting and cheap servers are not able to provide high speed.

Easy Navigation

Navigation of your website should never be complex and it should be as simple as possible. No matter if your target audience is tech-savvy or what. You must make site navigation easy for them even if they are not kids. Easy navigation will increase browsing time and click-through rate on your site. And these are the major user experience signals that are being tracked by search engine crawlers.

Content Recommendation

Recommend relevant content to your site visitors. Try to serve them the most relevant content to satisfy their search intent.

Search Intent

You may know that content is king and it should be optimized. But there is another important thing which is search intent. Before you publish anything, ask yourself whether your content or post satisfies search intent or not? If it is satisfying the search intent of your audience or site visitors then it will be a great signal your website might be sent to search engines.

Quick Delivery

Try to serve your audience with the main content as quickly as possible. Don’t hide the main content from them and don’t let them wait anymore.



Search engine result pages are important to see while talking about search engine optimization and user experience. If you are ranking on top of a SERP, but you don’t have optimized and user-experience-oriented content then you won’t get more clicks on your search snippets. You have many limitations to show your creativity there. Your titles should be compelling and the meta description should be relevant to search intent. So that more searchers click on your site result.

User Interface

User interface mistakes will kill your organic traffic. No matter how many times you rank at the top of Google’s SERP. If you are not having a pleasing user interface, then there will be no traffic on your website. And soon Google will recognize that you are not providing quality to the searches and your site rank will drop. Following are some factors to consider in UI.


Focus on your branding. Your logo might be placed perfectly and your site might look like an authentic brand.

Limited Advertising

Don’t advertise too much. It will distract your audience from the main content and they would never like it.

Genuine Pop-Ups

Pop-Ups are important for websites, but using them excessively will be a really bad thing for the user experience.

For businesses looking to optimize their online presence, working with a UX design agency SF can be a game changer. These agencies specialize in creating user-centered designs that not only look great but also provide a seamless experience for visitors. By focusing on user needs and behavior, UX design agencies can help improve website engagement, conversion rates, and overall customer satisfaction. By combining SEO strategies with effective UX design, businesses can achieve long-term success in the digital marketplace.


According to the new guidelines and algorithms from search engines, it has become a very important segment to take care of user experience. User experience is now directly linked up with search engine optimization (SEO). So the site owners or digital marketers need to start adding UX impacting factors into their search engine optimization strategies.