How to Combine Entertainment with Self-improvement


We all want to be better people, right? In today’s hyper-competitive and always-evolving society, it can feel impossible to stay on top of all the latest self-improvement trends and tricks. We all have that one friend who seems to acquire new skills, engage with topical issues effortlessly, and just generally seem to have life figured out!

The thing is that although there is no one secret to finding success in this world, there are ways to make your journey towards betterment a more pleasant one. By combining entertainment with self-improvement, you’ll get to enjoy the time you spend doing it and benefit from the bonus of relaxation and stress relief. Here are a few tips for making your personal development a walk in the park.

Top 6 Ways To Combine Entertainment With Self-Improvement

  1. Activate that brainpower

You may feel guilty about playing video or computer games, but you shouldn’t! It is a lot more than just a distraction or a way to pass the time. Any type of game will allow you to think, analyze, and solve puzzles or complicated tasks. If you’ve recently discovered your love for an online paypal casino as implemented by STS, re-contextualize your playing habits to focus more on strategy and tactics. You really can have fun playing while also engaging in cognitive exercise. It is all about how you approach it, as well as your mindset!

  1. Don’t be afraid of new experiences

Maybe you love cooking, but you always end up making the same recipes (happens to the best of us). Although there is nothing wrong with sticking to what you know and sticking to your routine or your safe zone, it isn’t exactly going to expand your horizons and make you a better or more interesting person. By combining an activity that you already know and you enjoy with a willingness to venture a bit outside of your comfort zone, you’ll be having fun and learning something new. You’ll also enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes from trying and succeeding to do something different! From time to time step out of your bubble, and indulge in new activities on your own or with other people.

  1. Be deliberate

Whether it is regarding the music you listen to or the films you watch, make conscious choices about the type of material you consume. In a world where we’re inundated every day with an endless stream of entertainment options, it can be easy just to press play and let the stereo or TV do its thing. Unfortunately, every time this happens, we’re missing out on an opportunity to bolster a personal interest or discover something new about a topic we care about. Spend some time selecting media that you genuinely find intriguing, and that is interesting to follow along. Ask for recommendations from people you respect or look up to. That way, you’ll also have someone to talk to about these trendy topics.

  1. Give it your full attention

Related to the point above, we can only get the most out of whatever we’re doing when we fully commit ourselves to it. In a society that seems to value multi-tasking, it can be easy to think that the best way to do things is all at once. But listening to a podcast while you cook and have the television on in the background won’t serve you well, and you won’t be able to retain the new information anyway. Pick one activity at a time and give it your complete focus. Sometimes, less is truly more! Also, think of quality – and not quantity!
  1. Venture outside

Sometimes, your home, flat, or any type of interior environment can’t be stimulating enough. People often have hard times working from home since it is not a fast-paced environment. Usually, it is good to venture outside and let your brain wander off! However, learn where to draw the line and always spot the line when it comes to self-improvement and entertainment (never walk just for the sake of it, but do have a plan).

The best way to improve and better yourself is by going to an art gallery, a museum, or some type of show. Nowadays we are constantly surrounded by high-tech computers, which is why it is good to browse some other options. For most people, an audio guide at a museum can be so stimulating! You are being entertained, you are learning new facts, and you are spending time outside of your home. It is a win-win situation, as long as you find something worth watching or visiting (it all comes down to your preference).

  1. Think about sports, meditation, or yoga

Are you a sporty person? Or maybe you are an athlete? Well, either way it is, sports are good for your overall health, and you can also have fun and relieve yourself from stress when doing any type of activity. However, if you truly want to self-improve, you should think about yoga and meditation! It helps you keep your body moving, but also teaches you how to breathe and calm your nerves. People who are often under stress or who work under a lot of pressure will love meditating and listening to yoga podcasts. These will help with your body health, your nerves, as well as with your cognitive thinking.

Once you are satisfied with your mind & body state, you will self-improve in time. Meditating only two times a week can have so many benefits + it is an entertaining activity to do!

Ready To Have Fun While Also Experiencing Self-Improvement?

Are you ready to invest in yourself? As you can see, bettering yourself does not have to be a challenging or time-consuming task. Simply follow these six rules and you will be pleased in the end. Make sure to pamper yourself, and always indulge in new activities! Let us know which one of these six is going to be your first go-to from our list, we would love to know!