Colts’ Home Loss To Lions Proves That They Are No Longer Favorites In The Division

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The best Wide Receiver in Detriot Lions retired just a couple of months ago, and that left us wondering about Stafford’s squad and their chances of making the Playoffs this season. Almost nobody picked them to make it to the postseason.

So what does that tell us about the Colts, a team that is supposed to win this kind of games at home against inferior teams like the Detroit Lions? It’s pretty bad when Lions squad without Megatron drops 39 points at you on your home turf. That says a lot about your defense, and none of those words about it would be nice.

Lions don’t have a clear-cut number 1 option at the wideout position. And they still were able to destroy Indy’s defense and earn themselves a huge road win in Week 1. Stafford is a decent Quarterback, but you can not start a season in which you are looking to bounce back from bad 2015 campaign by allowing him to complete 31 of his 39 passes for 340 yards and 3 TDs. And he had no Calvin Johnson.

What this really tells us is that Andrew Luck will be good this season, he will put some impressive numbers, but his team is no longer the best team in their division. The Texans are. And if Lions’ were able to burn the Colts by dropping 39 on them, then every team with half decent offense should be more than successful against your putrid defense.

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Just two seasons ago the Colts were dominant in their division. Much has changed since then. And not for the better. Can Andrew Luck come to the rescue yet again? Well, we will have to wait and see.