The Dallas Cowboys are in a desperate need of a quarterback, and they only have Kellen Moore as a reserve. Yes, Dak Prescott is here, but if he gets injured, can Kellen Moore fill his spot and keep the high level of play quality? The Cowboys refused to acquire a free agent quarterback, so they signed a couple of undrafted rookies at the most important position on the team.

Earlier in June, QB Zac Dysert who used to play for Arizona Cardinals was claimed by Dallas off waivers. Furthermore, former Giants’ backup guy on this position Ryan Nassib was brought for a workout, but he didn’t sign with the team yet.

As it is clearly seen, the Cowboys are keeping their options open when it comes to the backup QB. However, there is one quarterback who everyone is ignoring – the former San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick. He is definitely among the best players in free agency, but his protests during National Anthem seem to cost him a team. The Cowboys also avoid signing Kaepernick, and this is no wonder since they are known to be an America’s Team.


“Personally, I do think it’s because of some of the stuff that [Kaepernick] has done that will turn some teams off,” Wilson told Mike Fisher during a radio interview for 105.3 The Fan recently via CBS DFW. “Now, is that fair or unfair? I don’t know. But I think it’s real, and you can put your head in the sand about that all you want. He’s taken a team to a Super Bowl, he has a ton of talent. But like I said I do think he’s talented enough to deserve a chance to be on a team.”

However, Dallas Cowboys will probably not sign Colin although he and Dak Prescott have a similar playing style. It would be nice to see them on the team together, though.


  1. I’m tired of the racists people in this world. All because he is a so called Black man who took a knee. Hell I have seen White’s setting and not putting their hands over their hearts when the anthem and the pledge of allegiance. The man didn’t do nothing wrong to be black balled.

  2. Please do not sign him, he does not have talent and he is a big cry baby, the kneeling aside. Also as stated in the article this is America’s Team, and as Americans we stand proudly for our flag!!!


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