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Colin Farrell was born in Dublin, Ireland on May 31, 1976. He is but one of 7 siblings that come from parents Eamon and Rita Farrell. His family were always football players, specifically his uncle and father who played for the Shamrock Rovers.

When he turned 10 he was living in a suburb of Dublin called Castleknock. As far as his education goes he went to St. Brigid’s National School and after that enrolled at Castleknock College. He also went to Franciscan College Gormanston in County Meath.
While he was in college he tried auditioning for an Irish boy band called Boyzone but ultimately failed.

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The famous sci-fi movie E.T. inspired him to start going to an Irish drama school called Gaiety School of Acting.

Once while visiting Australia he had a big incident where he was a murder suspect, but after a thorough interrogation he was let go with no charges.

Personal life

Some of his girlfriends are writer Emma Forrest, model Josie Maran, actress Amelia Warner, Irish medical student Muireann McDonnell and more. But none of those really matter since in 2002 he was dating a model called Kim Bordenave with whom he would later on have a son, James Padraig Farrell, but unfortunately they would soon find out that he has Angelman syndrome.

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Later in his life he got another son, Henry Tadeusz Farrell with a Polish actress called Alicja Bachelda-Curus.

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Colin has had a lot of issues with narcotics and has been to rehab in 2005.

After getting out of rehab in 2006 a sex tape was leaked, on the tape it was him and his ex-girlfriend Nicole Narain. Colin went on to sue the Inter Commerce Group Company which released the tape.

Acting career

His acting career began in 1996 after he got the role of Danny Byrne in a BBC drama show called Ballykissangel. Two years after that he would get a role in an Irish film called Falling for a Dancer, he had the role of Daniel McCarthey in it.

As far as English movies go, his first one was a drama called The War Zone from 1999. After that he got a role in a crime comedy called Ordinary Decent Criminal where he got the chance to work with Linda Fiorentino and Kevin Spacey but the movie didn’t really do well with the critics.

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After that movie he got the main role in a movie called Tigerland in which portrayed an authority-defying private called Roland Bozz, the movie did well with critics.

His next two movies were a western called American Outlaws from 2001 and a thriller drama Hart’s War from 2002, they didn’t really do well in the box office. But in 2003 he did 3 movies that made quite a lot of money and were generally more successful. After that he got a role in a movie called Phone Booth, he played an arrogant publicist named Stuart “Stu” Shepard, the movie and role was very well received. Later on he went to start in a movie next to Samuel L. Jackson, the movie was called S.W.A.T.

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He went to make a lot of great movies like Alexander the Great and the New World where he had the role of Captain John Smith.
He got his first movie award, a Golden Globe Award for his role of a hitman called Ray in a black comedy film called In Bruges.
In 2015 he had the main role in the now famous show called True Detective.

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Net Worth

His net worth is thought to be around $30 million and most of his money he earns from acting.

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