CM Punk Fighting At UFC 225!


Whenever the WWE is in Chicago, and Stephanie McMahon or Triple H come out to the ring, the fans are always going to chant CM Punk’s name. That is a sure thing that is going to happen every single time. CM Punk is still pretty popular in the wrestling community, so much so that many wrestling websites would crash if he were to announce that he is coming back to business.

Well, he is not coming back to the ring, but he will be coming back to the octagon, and he will be facing Mark Jackson at the UFC 225. This is going to be his second bout ever and it might be his last if he does not win.

We are going to remind you that he lost to Mike Gall in his first ever fight. Not only did he lose, but he looked pretty outmatched in that fight as his opponent choked him out in the first round. That is not embarrassing for a guy that has transitioned from pro wrestling to the MMA. Everybody has been praising him for that.

But, if he easily losses his second match, there is really nothing for him to do in the UFC anymore after that. Even though he is CM Punk and that name is always going to have some value in the MMA, the fact of the matter is that nobody is going to want to see him and the company is not going to book him if he doesn’t give them the reason.

In the end, if he wins, his UFC career might just take off. But, if he takes a loss, there is no doubt that he would be closer to returning to wrestling than ever. UFC 225 is going to be an event to watch, especially because it is in Punk’s hometown.