7 Creative Closet Organization Ideas for any Wardrobe


Having a wardrobe that always looks neat and perfect seems almost impossible to achieve, and no matter how many times per year we tend to put things back, fold them, and place them in the closet, the tidiness lasts for no more than a week. The problem with this is not your habits, but the way that you organize the space. If you have been struggling with messy clothes that spend more time on your bed or chair than the place where they should be, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we are going to give you some creative closet organization ideas for any wardrobe and we will give you some tips on how to create that perfect flow that will help you maintain the look of your space for more than just a week.

1. Start by throwing out things you don’t need


If you want to organize your wardrobe first you need to start by getting rid of all the things that you don’t need. We all store clothes that are too big, too small, or items that only have emotional value. You don’t need any of those, and even if somehow the things that you wore two decades ago become popular again, you are not going to use them. So, you should start with removing items that you don’t need and make space for others that are going to look better on you.

2. Understand what can be folded and what needs to be on the hanger


Another thing that you have to do before you start rearranging your clothes is to see what needs to be left on the hanger, and what can be just folded. On the same note, look for things that are more likely to get wrinkled, and things that will not look bad even if you stuff them in the back of the closet. Understanding the fabrics will help you out a lot, and it will save you valuable time.

3. You can always use dividers


You should try to utilize dividers on your clothing racks and help yourself find things that you need. You can use them for color coordination, sizes, if the clothes are fresh out of the washer, or have been worn once, and even fabrics. You can place as many or as few of them as you need, and you can label them if you want. They are going to help you not only find things the first time around, but you will also know where to put them back without stacking everything in front of each other. They are going to help you keep a flow in your wardrobe and keep it clean.

4. Use a proper closet organizer


There are many different types of closet organizers, and they can really change your life. These units are scalable, and you can choose what you want to get depending on the size of your wardrobe and your needs. As noted by tribesigns, when looking for the right organizer for your needs, you should look for an item that will fit your space, something that is durable and reliable, and an organizer that will give you all the things that you need. Note that these units can be used for both clothes and shoes and they can save you a lot of space.

5. Don’t focus only on things that are made for closets only


When thinking about how to organize your clothes, you should expand your views and try to utilize items that you can find around your home. For example, the shoeboxes that you have can easily be lined with some wrapping paper and you can use them to store your socks. On the same note, you can use the shower rings to put your scarves there or put your belts on them. Be creative, see what other things you can use and how they can save you money.

6. Don’t forget to organize your drawers as well


Organizing the drawers is another thing that you must do if you want to create a beautiful flow in your closet. We tend to store things there, but after the first week of using them, the drawers always look like a mess. So, instead of having to rearrange them every month, the best thing you can do is get dividers that are going to create a more practical space. No matter what you use them for and how; you will be able to save a lot of space and make things easier to find. You can separate things based on color, size, who uses them, or even types of clothes.

7. Make sure you can see everything


When you think about the best way to put structure in your closet, you need to know that seeing everything that you own is going to make a huge difference. When we put things in the back of the wardrobe we tend to forget about them and never use them again. This means that you are wasting your money by not wearing the clothes that you have. You should combine racks, closet organizers, and drawer dividers if you want to be able to see all the items that you have. You can also use dividers to know which clothes you haven’t used in a long time, and you can throw, sell, or give them away next season. Doing these things will add freshness to your space and you will always have room for new and better things.

Note that you should try to utilize every bit of space, and get creative on how you do that. You can use different types of containers, and you can utilize things from around your home that will help you get that needed flow. Get ideas from different places, talk to your friends about the things that they do, and remember to try different things out. Once you find the items that you need, and once you change the way you look at your closet, it is going to be much easier for you to maintain the tidiness. You will thank yourself and you will be able to keep the clothes protected for a long time.