Cleveland Cavaliers Set To Challenge The Warriors With Two Big Additions


It’s not a secret that there are only two real contenders in the NBA this season. The Golden State Warriors are dominating the Western Conference while the Cleveland Cavaliers are still running the East. Cavs and LeBron know that they are the best team in the Eastern Conference and they are gearing up for a Finals rematch with the Golden State Warriors.

James has demanded from the franchise to get a backup point guard, but the management was patient. They knew that there are going to be players that are bought out after the trading deadline and the Cavaliers knew that they didn’t need to waste their assets. They didn’t want to throw anything away, and the move paid off as Deron Williams left the Dallas Mavericks and will join the Cavs.

Deron Williams was an All-Star player just a couple of years ago. He is not the same dude now, but can still play and is probably better than some starters in the NBA right now. Williams will be coming off the bench, and it will be great to see what he can do alongside with LeBron. He might even get some clutch minutes.

That is not the only addition for the Cavaliers as they also brought a center Andrew Bogut, a guy that has won the title with the Golden State Warriors and knows how they do things and play. The big guy is going to be a great help for them when the Warriors probably meet with Cleveland. There is no doubt that the Cavs got better and we will see if these two players are enough for them to beat GSW yet again.