Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens – Week 10 Picks And Predictions


After losing four straight, Ravens are back on the top of the division after a huge win against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Somehow, they found the way to get it done in a game in which neither team impressed. At the end of the day, Steelers were able to beat themselves as they dig out the hole that they couldn’t get out late in the game.

On the other hand, we have the worst football team in the NFL right now. Cleveland Browns had no chance against the Dallas Cowboys. They took the lead at the start of the game but is was neutralized quickly. Looking at their performances and figures this team posted in previous rounds it seems that Browns are on their way to a winless season, but will that actually happen?

Joe Flacco has been average at best this season. His receivers are having a hard time getting open, but it’s even tougher for them to stay on the field. They have had some big injury problems, and it looks that Mike Wallace is their best chance to win. At the end of the day, he was crucial in win over the Steelers.

Browns are now playing for their dignity. They have nothing more to lose but that. Cleveland needs to win at least one game this season. A 0-16 record is never a pretty thing to see. They will have a chance in Baltimore on Thursday.

Ravens are now back in the race for the divisional crown. They are leading the AFC North at 4-4, but the party in this division has only just begun. Both Bengals and Steelers are right behind them, ready to strike when the opportunity shows. And it just might show after this Thursday Night Football game.

We don’t trust the Ravens. We’ve been consistent with that. And we are going to pick the Browns to upset their divisional foe in Baltimore. The low-scoring and boring match will end in Browns 17:14 win.