Clash Royale : New Legendary “GRAVEYARD” spell! Most Unbelievable spell


The brand new card coming to Clash Royale and this card being the “Graveyard” so as I’m making this video the graveyard will be coming out in about nine hours but by the time you’re watching this the card might already be out or it will be out very soon! This is one of the BEST spells in the game!

If you saw the video, then you must have known by now how the “Graveyard” card works. Moreover, you might have seen how hard it would have been to destroy this opponent without such a card. The “Graveyard” card casts a spell (just like Skeleton Army card) that makes the rival lose a skeleton after every 0.5 seconds. With an operational duration of 10 seconds, it can easily take out 20 skeletons after one use.