A city of million inhabitants on Mars by 2100?


One billionaire and the biggest visionary of the present claims that there will be fun out there.

He believes that people will be “having a lot of fun” on Mars, due to the fact that the gravity of this planet is about 37 percent of those on Earth.

Although it might sound almost unbelievable to most of us, one billionaire, innovator and visionary, Elon Musk claims that in a few decades there could be a city with a million inhabitants on Mars.


Musk says that currently, he is earning his money only to be able to realize that dream. He says the most important thing is the construction of a fleet of 1,000 vessels that would go to the Red Planet several times.

The colony on Mars can reach a million of people in 40 to 100 years as he describes his vision of the settlement of the Red Planet in the magazine “New Space.”

Musk believes that Mars is an ideal planet for colonization because it is “cold, but people can warm it up.”


The red planet has an atmosphere that consists primarily of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and argon to some extent, as well as some other trace elements. So the settlers, with the correction of those conditions, could grow plants, according to Musk’s words.

The number of one million people is considered to be the key to this project because so many Martians are needed for the colony to be completely self-sustaining. He expects the first flight to Mars to be made in 2023.

Due to rotation of the Earth and Mars, the sending of a spaceship can be carried out once in 24 months. One ship could take between 100 and 200 people.

According to Mask’s estimation, for a colony of one million inhabitants, it would take from about 40 to 100 years to be completed.