Cisco Collaboration Certifications Overview

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One of the most exciting developments taking place in the world of networking nowadays is the convergence of multiple technologies such as data, voice, and video. The result is the creation of diverse mobile apps that help users do everything from running searches to creating professional videos. For network engineers who want to make a career in this field, the CCNA Collaboration Certification is the perfect launching pad.

The Cisco Bootcamp training will help you get the skills you need as a video engineer or telephony engineer to make a mark for yourself in this growing field in the future.

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Who Is This Training For?

Basically, this training is for everyone who has a passion for multiple technology convergence for the creation of videos. If you are a collaboration engineer or IP network engineer, you will benefit from this Cisco bootcamp training on Collaboration certification. All of the technologies used to create and deliver video content over networks are in a state of transition.

This certification lets you take advantage of this transition by positioning you in a highly attractive place so that your skills are in high demand once this transition is complete. Businesses will be on the lookout for professionals who can help them create and deliver such content.

Examinations and Prerequisites

  • There are no prerequisites to taking the CCNA Collaboration Training.
  • There are 2 exams that you must clear to become a certified CCNA Collaboration professional.
  • The 210-060 CICD is the module that will make you familiar with the different tools and technologies created by Cisco to enable such kind of multiple technology conversion.
  • The 210-065 CIVND is a module which comprises of two parts. In both parts, you will learn about the various video networking devices created by Cisco, their use, and how to configure them to deliver the service that your employer demands.
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More about 210-060 CICD

To enroll in this course, you need to have some knowledge of how data and voice convergence work. You should also be familiar with IOS gateways in the Cisco environment. Also, you should know about Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager and Unity Connection technologies.

This 5-day course comprises of 5 modules which include analysis of the Unified Communications Solution, providing associated devices, configuring voice-based data, maintenance, and end-user support.

On completing this course, you will possess the knowledge and skills that are needed to develop solutions using the Cisco Unified Communications technology.

More about 210-065 CIVND – Part 1

As stated earlier, this is a 2-part course. In the first part, you will learn about different types of video-based solutions and the methods of planning the implementation of such solutions. It will place you in the right position to process such requests coming in from management and how to deploy such solutions using the most appropriate technologies.

You will learn about the different technical issues such as relevant protocols, choice of media formats, architectural features, and many other things.

As a prerequisite, you are expected to possess a basic understanding of how IP networks work. Having a CCENT certification can be a plus but is not necessary. It can give you a background understanding of the common issues and practices of managing a corporate network.

The course is spread over 2 modules with 6 and 2 lessons, respectively, and is delivered over a period of 3 days.

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More about 210-065 CIVND – Part 2

In Part 2 of this course, you will learn about the techniques of implementing Cisco Collaboration technologies to create a supportive infrastructure. You will also learn how to troubleshoot common problems using Cisco solutions.

As a prerequisite, it is recommended that you possess a basic knowledge of IP networks and video conferencing systems. This makes it easier for you to follow the lessons and grasp the concepts more easily.

The course is delivered in traditional as well as virtual classroom settings over 5 days. The course comprises of 5 modules that cover different aspects of Business Video, Collaboration, TelePresence, and Digital Media technologies offered by Cisco.

Study Resources

Ample study materials are available online to help you prepare for these certifications. You can go through these at your own pace to get ready for the exams. In addition to the study materials, there are practice exams that you can attempt to become familiar with how the exam is conducted and what to expect in the final exam.

You can also join one of the collaboration study groups to work with other professionals studying for the same exams. It is a great opportunity to discuss problems and find explanations for common issues. The Cisco website also offers a Q&A section where you can post any queries that can be answered by the trainers in very little time.


One of the issues with the Cisco Collaboration Certifications is that they do not come with an indefinite validity. The validity period of all CCNA Collaboration Certifications is only 3 years. Recertification is necessary before the expiry of your certification. There are multiple ways of renewing your certification. You can do any of the following:

  • Clear a valid Associate exam apart from ICND1 to renew your certification.
  • Clear a valid 642 or 300 Professional exam
  • Clear a valid 642 Specialist exam; however, certain types of Specialist exams are not eligible for recertification purposes
  • Clear a valid CCIE or CCDE written exam
  • Clear a vali CCDE practical certification
  • Clear the CCAr review and interview stages


The way businesses are adopting new technologies, demand for Collaboration professionals is expected to grow by leaps and bounds. The value that this certification adds is that it makes you well equipped to help your company increase collaboration with its customers, staff, and vendors in a seamless way.

By completing this degree, you do not become simply a troubleshooter but a provider of practical solutions for your company. Not only will your efforts help the company generate new business, but you will also help them to control their costs and expenses in multiple areas.