Cincinnati Bengals vs. New York Giants – Week 10 Picks And Predictions


This is a pretty good matchup for Monday Night Football game. Two teams that are decent and need the win because Playoff spot is on the line in each and every of their next rounds. Bengals are in a battle to win the division while the Giants are trying to catch the Cowboys and want to position themselves in the wild card spot. This is going to be a good one.

Bengals are coming off a bye in which they had time to rest, get healthy and prepare for this duel. They are still very much in the battle to win the division as Pittsburgh has had some problems with injuries.

Dalton has been good this season, but we wish we can say the same thing for this defense that has struggled in previous rounds. They are underachieving and need to make a collective effort to improve if they want to beat the Giants and keep their Playoff hopes alive.

Giants are on a small roll as of late. Eli is throwing picks, and he will continue to do that. But the thing that you need to watch with Manning are not the picks, cause they are going to be there. Always. The thing that you need to watch is whether or not he is throwing those TD passes. He is doing that right now, and that is why the Giants have found some success in the past couple of weeks.

Odell Beckham Jr. is a big part of this team. If he is playing well, Eli is playing well, and his receivers have more room to get open because defenses are focused on Odell as he is a huge threat.

This is a tough game for us to pick. Both squads had ups and downs during this year. We are going to stick with the Bengals and say that they are going to win a nail-biter in New York. The final score will be 27:26 in favor of the visitors from Ohio.