Chris Pratt Says The Rock Will Need Decades To Catch Up To Him


Dwayne Johnson isn’t the only Hollywood star who works out. One of those that take care of its looks is Chris Pratt. The Jurassic Park actor shared a video of his workout routine on Instagram, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Rampage superstar.

Pratt, a 38-year-old shared a video which shows him running on a treadmill while making funny faces and dance moves. Johnson commented by saying: ‘I bow down to your fitness ways king.’

But, Dwayne isn’t the only one who is familiar with witty responses on social networks. Chris Pratt can do that also, and he responded with: ‘You’ll get there bro. It’ll take you decades if you commit yourself.’

We all know who needs to catch up with whom, but we gotta give it to Pratt. With his tank top and shorts, and fascinating moves on a treadmill he will give The Rock a run for his money. He even gave a tutorial on what his workouts are for those interested in his program: ‘For today’s workout I super set hyper-mini-sprints with ultimate-handsome-power-walking followed by a quick set of victory dance fist. Got the entire workout done in under 20 seconds. Burned probably twohundredthousand calories minimum.’

As it’s often the case, many had questions about the music in the background. But Chris had that covered. He said: ‘For those asking that’s #needtobreathe in the background. Coincidentally #needtobreathe is my mantra any time I get on the treadmill.’

Chris Pratt is currently promoting his latest movie Avengers: Infinity War which is threatening to break all and any box office record. It hits the theaters on April 27th. While Avengers have superstar crew gathered for this project, Johnson is as you know part man/part box office success. He’s currently promoting his action-adventure film Rampage, while Skyscraper is next in line and comes in July.

After the exchange these two had on Instagram, we had an idea. They should make a movie together. A buddy comedy. Get someone to write a script; Johnson will handle the production. And, yeah, put Kevin Hart in, just for good luck. What do you think?