Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega Taking Place At Wrestle Kingdom 12!


Well, this is the definition of the breaking news. This was a rather quiet week for the world of wrestling until this Sunday and the announcement that New Japan Pro Wrestling had. At the Power Struggle event, Kenny Omega was able to defend his title and remain the IWGP champion for the NJPW promotion. All of a sudden, he was left with no challengers as he was waiting after the match for somebody to show up. As he stood in the ring, nobody came out.


Disappointed, Omega started walking down the ramp when somebody showed up on the big screen. It was one and only Chris Jericho, one of the most popular WWE superstars when he is on WWE TV. Now their feud on Twitter over the past couple of weeks makes sense.

Jericho cut a promo where he said that there were guys like CM Punk who were always telling everybody that they are the best in the world. Now, they are not here anymore but he still is, he is still putting in the work and wrestling.

Nobody has been able to push Omega to the limit since he became the IWGP champion, but he thinks that he is more than capable of taking the title off of him.

Source: opptrends media

Wrestle Kingdom is like Wrestlemania for the NJPW, so this match is going to be a big deal come January 4th. Some are wondering how Jericho is able to go to another promotion since he is WWE wrestler, but nobody knows that he has had monthly deals with the company for a while, so he is free to go to the NJPW and make some noise with Kenny Omega.