Chris Jericho Reveals When His Run Was Supposed To End


This run by Chris Jericho has been really good. His character was pretty entertaining, and for a while, it was the best thing on Monday Night Raw after the brand split happened. Now, he is going to be touring with his Fozzy band which is the main cause for this guy to miss some time from the WWE. When he gets back, he is going to be a member of the Smackdown Live brand. When will he return? Well, that is still up in the air.

This run of his was one of his longest in a while. There is no doubt that the fans enjoyed his work during each and every show. In a recent interview, he discussed when was his run supposed to end and what were the original plans for him. Here is what Y2J had to say about that.

“The original plan was for me to finish after Wrestlemania with Owens. Then Vince had the idea for me to stay through April 30th and then May 1st and then May 2nd…so it’s a little bit crazy. But yeah, I think it’s fun. We had a break for about a year and a half with Fozzy so getting back in the room with the guys and just rehearsing and playing Judas for the first time live, it’s really exciting.”

Jericho also talked about his best runs with the company. He stated that he shouldn’t be the one that determines which run was his best, but he admitted that this was one of his favorite runs with the company, along with the time when he was working with Shawn Michaels and partnered with Big Show. It’s up to the fans to decide which period that Jericho spent with the company was the best, but one thing is certain, and that is that this one is going to be ranked high on that list.